PCMemorystore.com malicious email

PCMemoryStore.com Order Email Scam

If you receive an email order confirmation from PCMemorystore.com and you haven’t placed an order, don’t open the zip file.

Of-course, the email isn’t from PC Memory store, the scammers are simply using the name of a legitimate company to try and get you to open the zip file and launch a piece of malware (malicious software) into your machine. Don’t open the zip file!

My PCMemorystore email came from Travis Mcgrath, bigamyr7@storm.kherson.ua and the subject heading was Shipping confirmation for order ╧8610.

The email reads:  Hi! Thank you for shopping at our internet store!
We have successfully received your payment.
Your order has been shipped to your billing address.

You have ordered HP iQ775 19-inch.

You can find your tracking number in attached to the e-mail document.
Please print the label to get your package.

We hope you enjoy your order!


It’s not from PCMemorystore.com, they haven’t made a mistake, so you are not getting a free TV and why the hell would you have to print a label for a package that is already supposed to be shipped? Once more - Don’t open the zip file!

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