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The same SEO spammers that called themselves -,,,,,,,,,, and are at it again. They are currently emailing using

I have received numerous emails - all the same - from various email addresses linked to, action-pros and bestreslts1 in recent days and you may well have received these seo spam emails as well, as they are sent out in their tens of thousands. 

These people never seem to answer emails, so I assume that the cowboys at, and then sell the details on to other SEO spammers throughout the world. Regular readers will be getting pissed-off with me constantly naming and shaming these seo spam bastards, for which I apologise, but somebody has to do it! I’m also fed up thinking of other ways of saying it, so this is almost a cut and paste job!, and addresses

The spam email that came from the acton-pros featured the address, 56000 N River Road, Chicago, Illinois 60018, bestresults1 was 80 S.W. 8th Street Suite 2000 Miami, Florida 33130 and was 505 Montgomery Street San Francisco, California 94111 - although I seriously doubt you’ll find them at either address!

If you receive an email from either of these three addresses, bin it - don’t unsubscribe - because if you unsubscribe, you let the fast-response spammers know it’s a live address and they’ll likely sell it on anyway.

If anyone has had any actual contact with these people, please send us a comment to let us know how things transpired.

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