Definition of Recursion

We use recursive functions when writing scripts and I happened to Google the word “recursion” today, to get a definition of the word, as I was finding it hard to give a written meaning for recursion in a help file I was writing for a junior designer.

Basically, recursion is the process of running and rerunning a procedure, based on the performing the steps over and over.

Google made me smile - for a second anyway…. 

When you go to Google and type in the word recursion, it asks, Did you mean: recursion - you click on the link for recursion and it asks you again, Did you mean: recursion and so on…… I found it amusing at the time, but I guess you had to be there!

Update: It seems I’m not the first to spot Google’s recursion joke, as there are a few articles written on it already, so it has bee that way for some time. I thought it was news - duh!

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