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We all love, don’t we? John Lewis is one of the design trendsetters in internet stores today, so it really pisses me off that these scam bastards have used to spread viruses, trojans, worms; call them what you will!

I received what is probably the first of many scam email with a zip file attached, saying I had bought a Nokia N95, and they were sending me the delivery details in a zip file. If you get a similar email - bin it!

Trojan email details

Subject: Thank you for settling the order No.71895
from: Orlando Davison -aquifere38 @
zip file:

Dear Customer!
Thank you for placing your order at our e-store.
Your order: Nokia N95, was shipped off at your address.
The tracking number of your postal parcel is indicated in the document attached to this letter. Please, print out the postal label for receiving the parcel.

The John Lewis email, if you read it, doesn’t even make sense - why the hell would anyone need to print out a postal label to receive a parcel? Nonetheless, these scam bastards that sent this out are expecting people to open the zip file, which will release the trojan, virus, worm etc. into your machine, either for fraudulent purposes, or just to bugger you up for fun.

Don’t be one of the unfortunates - shift + delete - get rid of it straight away!

4 Responses to “John Lewis scam trojan email”

Jonas Staad Says:

It would be helpful if you could tell us what the trojan is in this john lewis email?

I don’t know. The idea of the blog item was to try and reach people searching for info on the John Lewis scam email quickly, (page one in Google in 5 minutes), in order to stop them unzipping the file and unleashing whatever nasty is hidden in there. Perhaps someone that uses virus checking software could let us know what the virus is, and perhaps what it does, they could drop a comment and let us know. If there is a reason that you need to know what the virus is Jonas; if I am being obtuse, please let us know. BM

Barak's fat pal Says:

Got one today, but not from John Lewis, from “Internet Store” - same text, but for a Sony VAIO A1133651A and the zip file was It supposedly came from Lloyd Costa.

Lynda Says:

I am getting around 6 of these every single day and am absolutely fed up with them.
How do I stop them?
You can’t stop them. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express you can have them go straight to your junk mail or you could use a product like spam arrest, which is what I personally use. BM

Elizebeth Lomboy Says:

This is certainly one of the vital outstanding blog pages Ive go through in a really long time. The quality of details in here’s stunning, such as you pretty much wrote the book on the subject. Your blog perfect for anybody who desires to understand this kind of matter more. Amazing stuff; please keep writing! Thanks, but it’s an old article. Have you received this scam recently? Is it on the go again? BM

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