Chinese Takeaway Tullibody, Alloa

Chinese Takeaway Tullibody, Alloa

This blog article has absolutely nothing to do with SEO, scams, or spam, and will be of no interest to anyone unless they are looking for a Chinese meal delivery or Chinese takeaway, or even a Chinky in Tullibody, Alloa or the surrounding area.

Why am I writing about the New World take away in Tullibody - because I’ve lost my mobile phone and I’m fed up not being able to find the New World telephone number online, so I thought if I write a wee blog about them, it’ll shoot to the front page of Google in a few minutes and then every-time I fancy a “wee chinky”, I can simply type in Chinese Takeaway Tullibody into the search box and I won’t have to hunt to find the number!

Best Chinky in Alloa - maybe even Scotland!

I should mention, while I’m here, that I’ve tried all of the Chinese takeaways and delivery services in Alloa, Alva and Tillicoultry, over the years (not to mention Bridge of Allan and Stirling), but you can’t beat the New World in Muirside Road, Tullibody for speed of delivery and quality of food, (in my opinion, anyway!). That doesn’t mean the others aren’t up to scratch, but The New World is my Chinese of choice and it may just be the best chinky in Scotland!

The details are:

New World Chinese Takeaway
8 Muirside Road
Clackmannanshire, Scotland
FK10 2SP

01259 217750

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Ah, that’s them at the door, so I’m off to enjoy my meal!

4 Responses to “Chinese Takeaway Tullibody, Alloa”

Kelly Renwick Says:

I totally agree lol :) New World is the best “Chinky” around this area. I’ve just typed up chinese takeaway in Tullibody but never thought that it would have been here. I’m the lucky 1………… it’s in my street - so more temptation every second night lol!

Michael Says:

Great! How about scanning the menu so that we can order too?! I would love to - but I’m now living in Falkirk, sorry BM

Sarah Metcalf Says:

Does anyone know the opening hours? I believe that they open for delivery from 5pm to 11pm. BM

Michelle Says:

Cheers dude! This is my favourite Chinese, had the number stored in my phone but got a new phone and didnt have the number. Av just ordered my dinner so i’m away to sort ma plates in it’s arrival. Excellent idea from Michael about the menu. xx

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