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Pointless link exchanges

We get dozens of link exchange offers every day, mostly from Indian SEO “specialists” offering useless pointless and indeed crap link exchanges. These link exchange offers are usually 3-way link offers, where I link from one of my clean sites to a reasonably clean site and they offer me a spammy link from a 3 way link farm page with far too many links on it and very few of them on-focus with the subject service or product of my own sites. Okay, they are not link farms in the old-fashioned sense of the word, by these pages are set up as short-life link pages that survive a few months before they get so full of links that Google takes them out of the index.


The reason I’m writing this quick blog article today, is that I received the worst link offer that I’ve received all year and it’s a perfect example of links to avoid. The link exchange offer came from seodeals.com.au, or at least someone building links from them. SEO deals.com.au don’t appear to be the sort of company that would offer such a crap link exchange, so my guess is that they are farming out their link building to the people that own clungtechnology.com, who’s resources page is used to link back.

The clungtechnology link exchange page is: clungtechnology.com/resources/resources_seo.html (forgive the fact that this isn’t a link and that you have to copy and paste it into your browser, but I don’t want to even give these people a no-follow link!)  and if you are quick, you’ll see that there are over 700 links on the page!

Update 28/07/2010

Today, I received an email from Dmitriy Ivanov of seodeals.co.au, stating that they are a trusted Australian SEO company and apologising for making the error in judgement of employing Clungtechnology.com to run their link building campaigns. Dmitriy has confirmed that SEOdeals.co.au no longer use Clungtechnology for link campaigning. I have no reason to believe he is being anything but truthful. As I said in the original article “SEOdeals.com.au don’t appear to be the sort of company that would offer such a crap link exchange”.

I’m glad to see that SEOdeals.com are either link building themselves, or using a reputable company to do so. We wish our Australian friends, every success with their future endeavours.

Maximum links on a Page

If you are offered a link from anyone, particularly from an SEO company based in India, check the following:

Is the link page it cached in Google? If it’s not in the google index, there is no point linking to it.

How many links are on the page? Ideally link to pages with no more than 50 external links on the page, but if it is a good quality site, with PageRank, no more than 80 links on a page. Any more than that and any link juice will be so diluted that the spider won’t taste it at all. If, as is the case with the SEOdeals.com.au link offer, there are hundreds of links on the page, and the page is obviously set up simply to use as a 3-way link farm page, being linked from it could do you more harm than good!

So, clungtechnology.com is heading the race for The 2009 worst link offer of the year. If you have received any offers that you think are worse than this, let me know and we’ll feature them on the blog.

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Hoggan Says:

I got a useless link exchange offer from digimode.co.uk this morning. The email, (again from the company Digimode.co.uk is using to farm out their link building, yogawithsarah.com) offering 3 way link exchanges from 3-way link farm sites context-web.org/blue.html, context-web.org/publications and imagebreeze.com. The Indian SEO company don’t reveal who they are, as they have sent the link exchange email through barbara at yogawithSarah.com. Digimode.co.uk are a fairly well known company, who claim to be ethical, etc, yet Digimode are employing link builders using three way link farm sites? Is anyone white hat anymore?

I don’t know who Digimode are, so I can’t comment on how ethical they are. I know their flash banner doesn’t work in internet explorer 7 on their SEO page and their link building page is simply a repeat of their SEO page, but that’s my sum knowledge of the Digimode website. Digimode.co.uk are probably unaware that the link builders they are using are using 3-way linkfarm pages to build their links. They appear to be a genuine London SEO company, and to be straight with you Hoggan, it’s not possible to be 100% white hat any more - a light shade of grey is about as good as it gets! BM

Steve Says:

I got a pointless link exchange request from topclickmedia.co.uk today, or at least from their link building company. Topclickmedia.co.uk’s link people offered me a link back from getwebdesignhelp.com/total-web-design-solutions/, which not only has hundreds of bloody links on it, isn’t linked to the home page, but it’s not even cached in Google! What a bunch of conning git’s topclickmedia.uk are! Ethical my arse!

I can understand your frustrations Steve, it’s a poor quality link offer, but it may be that topclickmedia.co.uk are not aware that their link builder, who I believe is an Indian link company called softzsolutions.com, (Yes, I get link exchange offers from topclickmedia as well!), are offering such poor quality links. I would suggest that you contact top click media directly and let them know and then perhaps they will offer you a better link. There email address is sales @ topclickmedia.co.uk. BM

Linkman Says:

Got a cracker for you! soliddocuments.com offered me a link from the link page, seodiscovery.com/directory.html. Soliddocuments.com sureley aren’t aware that seodiscovery.com are offer links from pages with graphics missing and every link on the page is both broken and not cached in Google. Surely a crappier link offer than topclickmedia.co.uk or digimode.co.uk?

Johnny, yep, soliddocuments - seodiscovery are worse link offers than topclickmedia, digimode and clungtechnology / seodeals. Currently the winner of this year’s competition, (although the seodeals.com.au is still the worst I’ve been offered this year! BM

Big Uncle Ernie Says:

Received a pointless link exchange this morning from stuffaboutgames.com. It may be that stuffaboutgames.com aren’t aware that their link builders are using 3 way link farm sites to build their links, but they are using webtech-directory.com - a blatant directory built soley for the purposes of scamming three way links from site owners. The page I was offered on Webtech-directory.com, (webtech-directory.com/resources/Software-8.htm), isn’t cached in Google, as is the case with very few of the pages on the webtech-directory.com website - and way too many links on the pages anyway! If you are offered a link echange from stuffaboutgames.com and they are offering a 3 way link from their 3 way farm directory, webtech-directory.com, tell them to bugger off!

Hoggan Says:

volump.com and linkrecipricals.com
Received link offer from volump.com today.They use a link-builder called linkrecipricals.com. Now linkrecipricals.com write decent copy, but their 3 way link directories aren’t worth a fart: searchline.com, friskall.com and directorygear.com. All 3 way link farm directories, too many links, some pages not cached - virtually no relevant content on the sites - avoid!

I haven’t heard of linkreciprocals.com before, Hoggan, but I’ve been offered links from searchline.com, friskall.com and directorygear.com previously. Maybe they are 3 way link farming directories that are used by several link builders - or maybe linkrecipricals.com use different URLs to pitch for 3 way links? BM

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