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I received three more pieces of SEO spam today, all three from the same company, but through three different email addresses; this time from The email addresses were:   

  • infoline @
  • infolink @ 
  • results1 @ appear to be the same old SEO spam bastards that have used the names,,,,,, and

The Smart-choice’s email shows a different address than Ultraresults (the last email address used), showing: - 2202 N. West Shore Blvd, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida 33607. The content of the email, however, is the same as the previous SEO Spam emails from the previous addresses.

Again - No Website

Again, as with  the previous domain names used, don’t have a website that you can visit.

It appears that they are sending unsolicited spam SEO emails to website owners in order to build a list of hot SEO leads, so that they can sell them on. Even if you complete their no more offers email, they will likely sell your name on as a hot lead, so I would suggest that you simply bin the email if you receive it.

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SEO Consultant Says:

I am an seo consultant, and l do no form of advertising myself, email campaigns adwords, literature of any sort, all of my client or through referral one way or another, l only recently created my own website 2 months ago.

Really? No advertising? - What do you call unsolicited cold-calling on the telephone - is that a referral? You have account managers that cold call potential clients - it says so on your website, “Decorum Cars was contacted by one of the SEO account managers to inform them of our services”. Although we don’t have to resort to unsolicitated calls, at least you must look at someone’s website before calling, which is slightly different from the spam-bastards above! For an SEO that came into the business 2 months ago, you are doing well in the geo-targeted limo market though, well done on that. Nice looking sites too. To have at least 5 members of staff, within two months of entering the industry, you must be charging a fortune though! Good luck to you mate! BM

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