bFirst (b-1st) new SEO Spammers - spammers?

Are spammers? It would appear that they are.

With once-top SEO companies like being closed down, it seems that the credit crunch is hitting the industry pretty hard. I see more and more SEO spam being sent out from desperate SEO companies that can’t bring in enough business from their own SEO skills starting to send out unsolicited spam emails - the latest that has come into my inbox came from

I always considered bFirst to be one of the good guys, but if this is a genuine email, they dropped dramatically in my estimation when I received a spam email from them this morning. The email came from Phillip Bradshaw and it is obviously a standard email with specific information about your website inserted. It is also very clear, however, that Phillip Bradshaw, who claims to be the senior search consultant, has not viewed the website he is pitching. He has likely used a piece of robot software that inserts relevant facts about your website into a standard email. If he was doing that then visiting your site and reviewing it himself and then finding out your name and sending you a personal email, that’s legal. Sending bulk, unsolicited spam is not. Email Content 

The email is full of gems like “I struggled to find you in the first couple of pages, meaning that you could be losing a significant amount of business”. The site is now defunct, but it used to sell leather sporrans. It’s very obvious that it sells leather sporrans if you actually visited the site. It’s also number two on Google for leather sporrans and front page for cheap sporrans, day sporrans and probably numerous other terms, so, Phillip, the bfirst senior search consultant - you are obviously telling Porkies!

The supposed guru goes on:

“After checking the search engines, I ran a back-link check on your site. Back-links are the number of times your site is linked through another website. Your website has 1 back-links, meaning low search results. Back-links also help build your site’s Google Pagerank score. Right now your site has a Google Pagerank score of 1/10, which is probably one of the main reasons why your site isn’t showing up in the first page of the search results”.  The site has 11 backlinks, although, as I’m fairly confident that are aware of the fact; and forgot to mention, Google don’t show all the site’s back links! Yahoo do though.

Having a PageRank of 1/10 has absolutely nothing to do with a site appearing on the front page of Google for search terms in the UK. Not having any links to your site has an influence on your position, but I can point to thousands of pages with no pageRank and pageRank 1 that are on the front pages of the search engines!

Phillip continues:

“The final aspect I noticed about your site was page indexing. The more pages your site has indexed with unique keywords, the higher you will rank. Right now, your site has only 25 pages indexed by Google, which is quite low. This can be down to many reasons which our service can help resolve”.

There are, in fact, only cached 23 pages - guess why? There are only 23 pages on the site!!!!! The email should have read, “All of your pages are cached in the google search engine - well done!”


As I said earlier in the email - I always considered bFirst to be one of the good guys and I find it hard to believe that this  spam came from b-1st and Phillip Bradshaw may simply be a cowboy trying to steal business on the back of their name.

I won’t go on, because my teabreak is nearly over, but the Number one reason that I know, without any shadow of a doubt, that Phillip Bradshaw didn’t view my website, as he said he did, is the opening paragraph on the site states that the company has cleared it’s stock and the website will be closed down in due course! 

So if this email came from bfirst and senior consultant, Phillip Bradshaw in particular, which I do believe it did, can I ask you to stop sending me unsolicited, SEO Spam emails, and stop giving and the legitimate SEO industry a bad name due to senseless spam. With the client base that claims to have, I simply can’t understand why they would resort to spam, and if this is truely from them, it’s a sad day for SEO in the UK.


The email did originate from and they are still sending out their SEO Spam. Aparantly Phillip Bradshaw is Carl Wilkinson’s assistant, so Carl must be the Senior senior SEO consultant - or maybe the company owner?

Further update  - name change to

It seems that have changed their name and brand identity to, although I could find no mention of it on website. In fact, the about-us page on says, “The Web Clinic, started its journey in 1999, at a time when….”, yet the name was only registered on the 15th May, 2009.  (I’ll let you do the math!) was registered by Yakub UK Ltd t/a, so it’s the same people.

Hopefully the people behind the web clinic have decided to rid themselves of the tarnished image and that will not revert to lying and sending out spam the way they did when they were We wish them all the very best of luck if they genuinely are going the ethical road and I hope they can put the spammy days behind them.

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Drabdesign Says:

Don’t you just love these emails. I am normally top 10 for search engine optimization in the UK and I get loads of emails saying how others can help! Personally I am not taking on any clients right now, it is a shame to see others go out of business ( and I guess the poor sales people at some companies have their bosses on their backs to source new clients. Maybe it is the sign of the times.

I found this post via blog search after reading this article from a US based Internet Marketer he was cold called by another company; the comparisons are interesting.

Molly the spammer Says:

Are there any other similar blogs I can follow up on?
Yes try this one you spamtwat!

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