Ultraresults.net - more of the same SEO Spam


I received yet another new piece of SEO spam this morning, this time from Ultraresults.net -  infoline @ ultraresults.net.

Ultraresults appear to be the same old SEO spam bastards that have used the names Scenescentral.com, Keyphraseplacement.com, Lenzsource.com, Kelcodirect.com,  Fastresults1.com, Darcyco.net and Msuite.biz.

The Ultraresults’ email has a different address than Msuite.biz, showing:  Ultraresults.net 11601 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles California 90025, but the content of the email is identical to all the others sent from the previous scammer’s addresses.

No website

Again, as with  the previous domain names used, ultraresults.net don’t have a website. In fact, these experienced SEO experts only bought the domain name five days ago!

It appears that they are spamming website owners to collect hot SEO leads, so that they can sell them on. Even if you complete their no more offers email, they will likely sell your name on as a hot lead, so I would suggest that you simply bin the email if you receive it.

If you are aware of other spam bastards, like Ultraresults.net, or you have had any contact or dealings from any of the domains mentioned in this blog, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment - we are more than happy to feature them on the blog.

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