- more bloody SEO spam  and Spam Scam 

Davy Bev wrote: Why haven’t you written about, as your comment reply on the goldkey blog item would suggest you’ve also received an email from infinity1?

The truth is Davy, I didn’t write about as I’m fed up writing about the SEO spammers behind these emails. They seem to be changing their email address every couple of days and it’s so hard to keep up with them, without boring the arse off my blog readers! is just the latest in a long line of domain names used by these optimisation scammers and when I get time to write a blog article, I’d just rather write about something else.

In fact they have already moved on and are now using, as I received the same email from toprankings a day after I wrote this article.

For the benefit of those checking out or - they appear to be  scammers collecting SEO leads for a list they are selling - don’t reply to them or unsubscribe.

Thanks for taking the time to write Davy.

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Johnny the Bedman Says:

Yes, I received the email the day after the Infinity1 email, it too came from toprankings @ Exactly same spam email.

George Pukakis Says:

I received a spam email from this morning. The Goldtarget email is offering a free report - why is that so bad?

Unsolicited spam, sent willy-nilly to any email address can scrape off the internet, showing no legitimate contact details, they have no website and the chappies at Goldtarget don’t reply to emails or unsubscribes - probably adding you to an SEO list to sell onto other spammers. Why is that so bad George? What’s good about it? BM

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