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The SEO spammers I wrote about last week have again changed the name of the URL they are using. Last week it was Lenzsource and now it’s As the Golkey email is identical to that sent by SEO spammers Lenzsource and previously,,,, and,  and it would seem to be sent out to build an SEO list of hot prospects to sell onto other SEO spammers.

Hot SEO List Building

The scammers are likely building an SEO list as they never appear to reply to anyone - at least they have never replied to me in the past, irrespective of the email address I send from.  The SEO spammers at mail out spam emails and everyone that sends a reply, or sends an unsubscribed email, is likely added to a hot SEO prospect list and then sold to other SEO spammers from all over the world, making thousands of dollars for the time it takes to write and send thousands of SEO spam emails.

Like, won’t be used for long, but I’ll keep my eye on it and inform readers when it changes again.

I apologise to regular readers that are fed up with the same old same old about this company, but I get dozens of emails from people that find the posts, thanking me for posting the info to stop them being added to other spam lists and possibly be taken in by unscrupulous SEO spammers in the future.

If you receive an email offer from, offering Free website analysis for your website, I would suggest that don’t reply or unsubscribe - simply delete it.

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Peter Says:

It would seem that they have already moved on to using, as I received the same email I got from, from infoline @ Thanks for naming spam scum like, not for me, but for the sake of the good name of SEO!

Yes, appears to be the new seo spam bastard on the block! Again, Infinity1 don’t have a site and I received the same email this morning. - avoid these smammers! BM

Davy Bev Says:

I also received spam email from The infinity1 email was also infoline @, as Peter above. I’ve received the same email from and and now Thanks for keeping us infomed, big fella!

Dudley Dooright Says:

I received another email from Goldkey this morning: gemsend @, so they are still using that address as well - although the email came form apparantly, rather than - is there such a domain suffix?

Hello Dudley - (great name!), yes, there is a difference between and The TLD .bz is Belize’s recognised registered Top level domain name.

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