Lenzsource.com - just another Spam Cowboy

Lenzsource.com - SEO email spam 

If you want to  find out a bit more about why and how the SEO cowboys that are currently using Lenzsourse.com to send out their SEO email spam, read the previous articles I’ve written about the previous domain names that Lenzsource.com have used, namely; Kelcodirect.com, keyphraseplacement.com, darcyco.net, scenescentral.com and fastresults1.com.

SEO List Building

The SEO cowboys behind the Lenzsource scam are likely building an SEO list as they never seem to reply to anyone - not from any of the addresses they have used in the past anyway. The spam cowboys at Lenzsource.com mail out spam emails and everyone that sends a reply, or asks to be unsubscribed goes onto a hot SEO prospect list and then they likely sell that list to SEO companies all over the world, making thousands of dollars for the time it takes to write and send thousands of spam emails.

Lenzsource.com won’t be used for long, but I’ll keep my eye on it and inform readers when it changes again.

This has been a fairly lazy, cutting and tweaking article, as the important thing is to get it to the top of the engines, so that the people that are spammed by the Lenzsource cowboys, find the article and don’t waste their time replying. If you need SEO - and everyone does - at least use someone that has the sense to include contact details in their email - and actually has a website!

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Vincent O. Goldman Says:

Good points made. But genuine comments would be more beneficial i think :( I agree, you spamtwat! BM

Search Engine Submission Says:

Wishing you continued success. Great info. Interesting that you send spam to an article highling a spambastards. Twat! BM

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