Indulge me - more pics of Fred

boxerford-crossbreed.jpgBullboxer or Boxerford Terrier ?

I have posted pics of one of our four dogs in the past, Fred, who is a bullboxer; (Mum a boxer, dad a staffordshire bull terrier). Past blog articles can be viewed here and here. As a result, I’m constantly asked to post more pics of Freddie and yesterday, one of my blog readers, BJ, who sent me a pic of her Bullboxer - although she prefers the crossbreed name, Boxerford Terrier, so I thought I would print her pic and a few recent shots of Freddie at the same time. The first one is of the Boxerford Terrier, Lex and the rest are of Freddie - I think you’ll notice the difference!

Lex the Boxerford Terrier 

Lex Boxerford Terrier

Fred the Bullboxer

Bullboxer Fred

Boxer-Staffie cross

Fred the bullboxer chasing his ball

I’m not convinced that the breed description Boxerford Terrier will ever catch on BJ, as the standard terms for a boxer/staffie cross is a bullboxer, but ten years ago, if you said to a friend you’d just bought a labradoodle, they would have looked at you strangely and now they are considering making it a breed - so maybe boxerford terrier will catch on!

Thanks for sending the pic of Lex and if there is anyone else that reads the blog that owns a bullboxer, (or boxerford terrier), and would like to see their pooch appear here, send your pics to

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Mugs Says:

Im a two year old bullbxer,I live with 2 children and love them,there friends love me also, even if am goofy. Im smart but,sometimes have a mind of my own.

boxer dog training Says:

Would be a problem with you if I use an excerpt from your page on a new post that i’m working on? I will link back to you so my readers could find you. I couldn’t find a contact forum so I’m commenting in your post. OK, no problem BM

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