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I’m fed up writing about pond-life like kelcodirect, who send out thousands of spam SEO emails in the hope that some poor unsuspecting fools send them their details so they can sell the details on to other SEO spammers throughout the world and I apologise if you are a regular reader and are also fed up with the same-old-same-old. is the new email address used by,, and

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For those that haven’t read my previous articles on the other domain names mentioned above, it seems likely that are building an SEO list as despite writing to them from numerous different email addresses and quoting numerous websites, I’ve never had a reply. The spam bastards at kelco direct send out their spam emails and everyone that sends a reply goes onto a hot SEO prospect list and then they likely sell that list to SEO companies all over the world, making thousands of dollars for the time it takes to write and send thousands of spam emails.

Kelcodirect will only be used for a short time and then they will move on to another domain name. How do I know they are all from the same spam scum? They all send the same email out!

Again, sorry for boring regular readers with this information, but my articles tend to shoot to the top of Google in a matter of minutes, which means that less people will end up being scammed, the quicker I get this up. I’m not on a crusade, I just don’t want SEO spam scum like Kelcodirect to continue to give SEO a bad name - as every site needs SEO, but nobody needs!

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