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Wedding Idols Seo / Internet Marketing Proposal

If you get an email from; mine came from, don’t try to visit their site. Like every SEO spam bastard, Weddingidols don’t have a proper website - in fact, has a Page Title, “Site Under Construction”. Google also passes on the warning that the site may harm your computer.

Don’t be tempted to look

The word “may” in the Google warning is not strong enough for some people and they will be tempted to click on it, particularly as Yahoo and MSN don’t issue such warnings. DON’T click on the link.It is possible that sarik from isn’t just another SEO spam bastard, but a malicious spammer that will unleash some crap into your machine if you visit the site. The site was designed by another domain name that doesn’t have a website attached. Sounds like an email from another spam bastard to me!

It would seem that this used to be a wedding website, so it’s unlikely that it is now an SEO website, but it’s the email address used by the spammer, so just beware of it.

Spam Disclaimer

I was entertained by the spam disclaimer on the email, which had no telephone number, no website quoted and was sent to Sir / Madam, rather than to my name: ”Please note: This mail is not a spam and is being sent to you by an individual”. Apart from the fact that it makes no difference whether it’s from an individual or a company, the opening line of the wedding idols email is “If we bring a lot of traffic to your website…” one of nine “we”, “us” and “our” references in the email! An individual my starfish!

Take a standard barge-pole, triple it’s length and then don’t touch with it!

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