Darcyco.net - More SEO Spam Scum

Darcyco.net - SEO Spam Scum

I’m getting bored with using the term spam bastard, so I thought I’d give spam scum a go for a while. Like it? So, here we go again… Darcyco.net appears to be the new name used by SEO spam scum,  keyphraseplacement.com, scenescentral.com and fastresults1.com.

I received two emails from Darcyco.net today, one from “infoline” and the other from “ntjl”. Darcyco use the same content in their email as the other three spamming SEO scum do, so I don’t think that there is much doubt that they are the same company. As with the others, Darcyco don’t have a website and they don’t offer a contact number on their email.

Neither Darcyco.net nor any of the other SEO spam scum have answered any email enquiries from me, even although I hid the identity of the websites very well, so it seems likely -although I can’t be sure - that they are simply list building.

SEO List Building

Why is it likely that Darcyco and the spam brotherhood, (great name for a band, eh?), building an SEO list? Everyone that sends a reply goes onto a hot SEO prospect list and then they sell that list to SEO companies all over the world, making thousands of dollars for the time it takes to write and send thousands of spam emails.

What can we do about it? Not a thing. Darcyco.net will likely be dropped fairly soon and another name will be used to mail out to unsuspecting web owners.

I’m open to be proved wrong about Darcyco and the other spam bastards, (I’m fed up with spam scum already!), so if you have replied to any of them and received a reply - or a report - please send me details so I can report on it.

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Lahle Wolfe Says:

After being inundated with spam emails from Darcyco.net, I did an article on About.com’s Women in Business site on them. The article was a used as case study in recognizing and tracking down a spammer.

The article contains information on the company, it’s email accounts, web host provider and registrar contact information for anyone interested in filing a complaint.

In this case, I doubt anyone could prove your suspicions about this new SEO scam are unfounded. Good for you for pointing them out to others!

Trucks for sale Says:

I believe they have moved on to goldtarget.net as I received the same email from goldtarget.net, (toprankings@ goldtarget.net today.

Yes, I received the same email from goldtarget.net, Trucker; I make you right! BM

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