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Natalie, from asked, in reply to a recent comment on another blog article -WHO really CAN and know how to put website on the top of the search engines for tens of thousands of search terms - Any suggestions?!

Getting to the front pages of the search engines for many search terms is a fairly straightforward process, particularly if you are targeting a national version of a search engine, like, which we do, being a UK company, or, etc. It also helps if, like My CabinVacation, you are geo-targeting your search terms, like Gatlinburg Cabins, Pigeon Forge cabin rental and cabins in Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg Cabins

One of the main mistakes that people make when targeting keyterms, is forgetting to include the main keyterms within the content of their website index page - or the page where they are targeting the keywords. Your main two keyterms, according to your Page Title, are Gatlinburg cabins and cabins in Gatlinburg. I’m not saying these are simple terms, as there are numerous websites competing for the Gatlinburg cabin rental search terms, but in the main body of your content, Gatlinburg cabins appears only once as a keyterm in the content, as does cabins in Gatlinburg. On top of that, your main keyterms don’t appear as H1 or H2 tags, which after the Page Title, are the two most important tags on the page. Instead of having a graphic at the top of your page saying Welcome to your cabin vocation, you should have an h1 tag saying Gatlinburg Cabins.

Then, as if as an afterthought, you list keyterms in the footer, one after the other,

Gatlinburg Cabins * Gatlinburg TN Cabins * Cabins in Gatlinburg * Gatlinburg TN Cabins - My Cabin Vacation

This isn’t optimisation, Natalie, it’s visible spam and the search engine spiders may see it that way. Add your keyterms, as naturally as possible to your content, not to your footer.

Coding on

The source code is also important to your rankings, no matter what you read on some gum-flappers blogs. On your Gatlinburg cabin rental site, the source code is poorly written. In the head area alone, you have no character encoding and the style type is written incorrectly, which could mislead spiders into thinking that the head has been closed early: <STYLE type=text/css media=all> should be <STYLE type=”text/css” media=”all”>.

To answer your question, depending on your website, achieving tens of thousands of search terms on the front pages of the search engines is achievable for websites with tens of thousands of keyterms to target for any truly competent optimiser. In the case of your Gatlinburg Cabins site, you probably have around 500 terms to target.

Optimising is a simple formula: Time plus effort plus accuracy = success. We wish you every success with your website.

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