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I received an email from Jason Adams of this morning, saying they can put my site at the top of the search engines listings. Thanks Jason, you fill me with hope - except, I’m already at the top of the search engines for tens of thousands of search terms, so I don’t see how keyphraseplacement can really help me.

The keyphraseplacement email reads:

Subject: your website

We can put your site at the top of a search engines listings. If this is something you might be interested in, send me a reply with the web addresses you want to promote and the best way to contact you with some options

Jason Adams
Director of Marketing
Keyword Placement Inc.

This would appear to be the week of the SEO spammers, with this email from following on from the other two spam bastards that I mentioned earlier in the week, and

Like the previous two SEO spammers, keyphraseplacement don’t have a website, no telephone contact details on their email and Jason Adams’ company don’t even include a made-up address in the email - now that’s just laziness!

Seven words come to mind - barge, pole, touch, them, with, a, don’t - re-arrange these words to make a well known phrase or saying…….

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RexofSanDiegoBusinessClub Says:

Y’know. I love this blog. In this catastronomic worldwide meltdown, there needs to be more people running the monsters out of the village. I hate scammers and entrepreneur muggers. Good job,

Natalie Says:

Wow …………
But here is the question: WHO really CAN and know how to put website on the top of the search engines for tens of thousands of search terms
Any suggestions?!

The Big Man Says:

I’ll answered this in a separate blog article Natalie, as it’s a bigger subject than a comment reply.

susan Says:

I am getting TONS of stuff from this loser. The funniest part is that he sent it to, which is MY PIT BULL! She has a column in my magazine (I write it) called Jasmine Blue’s Tails of the Dog Park and we gave her an email because she gets more email than any of us (very popular column). My question is: what is his motive? I don’t understand the benefits for him (that’s why I am a writer and not a techie!). Can you tell me what he is trying to do? Thanks!

The Big Man Says:

Susan, likely send out tens of thousands of emails to any email address that they can find. Those that answer their email are deemed to be interested in SEO - giving them a targeted list that they can sell to SEO companies all over the world. That’s my guess - unless they are actually offering a service in the hope that some poor unsuspecting marks will send them money. I love your articles, bye the way. My Bullboxer, Fred, is often mistaken for a pit bull - a breed that is banned in the UK - and I agree that some people are so narrow-minded when it comes to staff-type dogs, when in fact, they are the most loving, easily trained and happy dogs on the planet. Type Fred the bullboxer into Google, you’ll find the first two articles are all about him. Be well.

Sam Says:

Nice comments - i just received the same email and wanted to offer him some services, which even if i re-arrange the wording i shouldn’t be putting into a blog.

Though it’s made my day knowing that Pit Bulls even get spammed.


Severino Says:

Thank you for your blog which confirms that the e-mail our office received from Jason Adams purportedly of keyphrasereplacement is an SEO spam.

milwaukee seo Says:

It’s too bad but spamming Google still works - Perhaps, but using on my blog, you spamming twat! :) BM

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