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Last week I mentioned SEO spammers, Scenescentral - and lo and behold, I received another email from them this morning, this time they call themselves!

If there was ever any doubt about Scenescentral being less than legitimate, the email from fastresults1 rather bangs the final nail in their coffin. The Fast Results1 email is identical in it’s layout and almost identical in it’s wording. They don’t include the made-up address this time, but they still don’t have a website and there is no contact telephone number on the pitch.

I have tried to claim my free report from both Scenescentral and, under different website URLs, but none have been forthcoming, so I don’t know what their pitch is, but would be interested to know. If you have been successful in achieving a response from either of them, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with the details.

Email List Building Scam

The fact that neither scenescentral nor fastresults1 have replied could mean that this is simply an email list building scam. By that I mean that you email fastresults1 with a request for a free report - they then add you to a list of hot SEO leads, which they can then sell throughout the industry and then you get bombarded with SEO spam from all over the world.

Just to ensure that you don’t end up receiving hundreds of pieces of email spam in your inbox, if you reply, reply using an email address that you don’t use much like a hotmail or yahoo address - or safer still, if you receive an email from or - don’t reply at all!

3 Responses to “Fastresults1 SEO spammers”

Walter Sargent Says:

Yeah, I got one too. I won’t even visit a domain without Googling it first and that’s how I wound up here

You’re #1 for “”, dude. :-)

The Big Man Says:

Thanks for commenting Walter - the ironic thing is, I achieved the number one position inside four minutes - how’s that for a “fast result”? I visited your site, Walter, and loved your content - really well written.

Allun Edwards Says:

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - ITS A SCAM!! we’ve heard so many horror stories that we don’t entertain sale calls or emails…

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