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Google Page Rank - PR Ranking

Google Page Rank (known as PR) is a still a part of the Google algorithm, but it is not the be-all and end-all of achieving good Google rankings for your key search terms, as some SEO experts would have you believe. Yes, it’s true that you need inbound links to rank high in Google for many search terms and high ranking PR on inbound links can equal high Google PR value - but it’s the links that are important, not the Page Rank of the Page.

Google Toolbar PR 

By all accounts, the Google toolbarPage Rank is not the most accurate piece of kit, as regards revealing the actual Page Rank of a page, as it is only 100% accurate for one day, every three months or so; straight after the toolbar page rank update, but it’s the best that we have available to us.

It is constantly being suggested, by some in the industry, that it is just a random figure and not to take notice of it, but in my experience, this is rubbish. If a page appears on the Google toolbar as a PR8, I’d be fairly confident that it is somewhere between a PR8 and a PR8.99 and if someone offers you a link from such a page - rip their arm off!

I’m also fairly sure that if any of the experts that claim that  toolbar PR bears no resemblance to the actual Page Rank, were to be offered the same incoming link, they wouldn’t hesitate to accept it either!

To understand more about Google Page Rank, how it works and how it can incoming links can affect your rankings, read What is Google Page Rank? If you would like to know more about the value of different PR links, read Compare Page Rank Values

There are many articles on the web that go into the mathematics of the Page Rank calculation, but the average webmaster doesn’t need to try and understand the nuts and bolts of the algorithm, the above articles will let you know all you need to know on the subject.

Google Rankings UK

If you are targeting a UK market with your website, Toolbar Google PR is even less important. It is often possible to grab numerous page one positions in the UK version of Google, with a well optimised web page, without worrying about achieving numerous incoming links - and if you don’t have inbound links - you don’t have Page Rank.

Don’t worry about PageRank. The Kenkai site has been as high as PR7 in it’s time, with all of the internal pages being PR5 and since I stopped fretting about PR, it has dropped to PR3 with internal pages of between PR3 and PR0 and you know what? I have more page one positions and more traffic than I ever had when I was PR7!

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