Choosing an SEO Company

Choosing an SEO Company

One of the problems in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, whether it be, Scotland, elsewhere in the UK or anywhere else in the world, is that there are no qualifications required to call yourself an SEO expert. All of the quality optimisers that I personally know are self taught, or have been tutored by someone who is self-taught. This means that anyone can set themselves up as an SEO, or an SEO company, leading the industry to have it’s fair share of cowboys!

So how do you decide which SEO company to partner with, to increase your visibility on the web? It’s really quite simple.

Choose a search engine optimisation company that is open with you and who will happily discuss the SEO techniques that they will use to optimise your site.

Choose an SEO company that has already achieved first page rankings for their chosen search terms and that can readily point to at least five companies that they have worked with in the past 8 months that are enjoying top positions for at least ten of their key search phrases on the major search engines. 

Past SEO Results 

It is fair to say that not every optimisation company can boast that every project that they have ever been involved in has shot to the top of the search engines within an eight month period, but if they can’t readily point you in the direction of five successes in the last 8 months, then they are probably not the company to deal with.

Choose an SEO company that doesn’t have to resort to using direct sales, or email spamming to attract your attention. The whole point of having your site optimised is to feature highly on the search engines and if an SEO company has to resort to email spam, or direct sales, because their own site is not ranked high enough to attract business, what hope can you hold out that they can do it for you?

Choose someone that is readily available on the telephone, or that answers emails on the day that you send them (giving a bit of leeway at the weekends). Choose someone that can talk with authority on the subject of SEO. Many web designers claim to offer SEO services, but in truth, they have little knowledge of what makes a site tick.

Many Search Engine Optimisers  in the UK, particularly in Scotland, don’t have the talent in-house to optimise the site and outsource the work to India, Pakistan or Romania. This causes issues when you require an issue to be resolved quickly. Try to use an SEO company that can deal with you directly, professionally and promptly.

Choose someone that offers three stage optimisation -

  • Rewriting and optimising the code, using CSS divisional layers and ensures that the code is fully W3C compliant and that the navigation system can be easily followed by both user and search engine spiders. There areSEOs out there that still use tabled code, or pay little or no attention to the source code, but if you are optimising your site, at least make sure that their code is W3C compliant.
  • Optimises on-page content to be on focus with optimised Page titles, metatags, alt tags, title tags, h tags, etc, targeted at the key phrases that you are hoping to rank for.
  • Link campaigning to ensure that the site has sufficient quality links pointing to it, to compete on at least a level term with the sites that are competing for the top spot on the search engines.

Choose a company that is honest about how quickly your website could take to rank. No SEO company can be 100% accurate when quoting a firing period, but they should have the skills to take the majority of terms, (with the possible exception of financial terms), to front page positions within a 3 to 8 month period. It’s my experience that Financial terms such as credit cards, loans, insurance, mortgages, real estate, etc. are often sandboxed for a while before they are allowed to compete for a position in the SERPS, so they can sometimes take up to two years to achieve worthwhile rankings and require ongoing optimisation with keyword targeting, page-building and link building campaigns, so quoting firing times for financial sites involves a little more guesswork on the part of the optimiser.

Unethical or Blackhat SEO 

Do not chose anyone that is suggesting blackhat or unethical SEO, like cloaking pages, hidden text, doorway page, duplicate content pages with different page titles and head tags, connected to a dodgy site map, doorway pages, etc, etc. These techniques can sometimes work well in the short-term, but can end up having your site banned from the search engines.

Finally, choose an SEO that you can get on with, as you will be speaking to them on a fairly regular basis, both during the initial optimisation project and afterwards when they are tweaking the pages to improve positions.

I know that I have just described the Kenkai team, although we are not the only SEO company that can live up to all of the above checks, the sad fact is that there are many hundreds of SEO companies that would not be able to live up to even a few of them.

Don’t hesitate to call us on 01259 213737 if you are considering optimising your website and you want a good return on your investment. We have achieved tens of thousands of page one and number one positions in the past 7 years - let us do it for you…..

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