Golf Simulator Website Launch

Simulator Golf Launch Golf Simulators Rental Website

Golg SimulatorJoel Bissitt, who has been a Kenkai client for six years and who already has a number of successful sites in his business portfolio, has just launched Simulator Golf - a site that rents golf simulator equipment  throughout the UK.

Golf Simulator Equipment

Having had a round of golf on the simulator, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was as bad at playing simulated golf as I am on a golf course! Kai beat me by 15 shots in the end, but we both enjoyed it immensely. You use your own clubs, real balls and take a natural, full blooded swing. Play a round of Simulator Golf is like real golf, but without the rain, without having to carry clubs for miles and being able to  have a sip of your pint between shots!

Golf Ball and TeesThe golf simulator rental equipment is aimed at the event market - corporate days out, charity events, private parties, golf days, exhibitions, etc. The simulator is addictive and great fun, and you don’t even have to be golfer to enjoy it - I enjoyed it and I came last!

Simulator Golf Franchise

Joel also has golf business opportunities available, offering Simulator Golf Franchise opportunities throughout the UK and Europe. If you are interested in finding out more, visit

Although this is only a 5 page website, we are sure SimulatorGolf will prove to be another successful addition to Joel’s online business empire.

6 Responses to “Golf Simulator Website Launch”

Jim Brown Says:

Is this offered in the USA?
Please send me the financials on this business.
Thank you
Jim Brown

Jim, I’ve passed your email onto Joel and he’ll no doubt be in touch. BM

Rohesia Dinelis Says:

Very nice post. I’m finding out more about how to play golf from your site, then I’ve ever did from even my own golf instructor. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Google Bookmarks?
Don’t you just hate spam bastards? Eh? BM

Quintin Dickert Says:

Nice site, added it to my favorites

golf fanatic Says:

I was looking for golf simulator rental. I wanted to rent first before I buy one for myself. I need to see if I will truly enjoy it and if it is just closely similar to golf in reality, I heard so many good things about this golf simulator that is why I’ll be renting by next month to try it out. Thank you for the information. Erm………. as you have a golf simulator website, why don’t you just try one of your own? ;) BM

Anil Says:

Wish him luck. Hope he does better in this business. Unfortunately I am from India and its very difficult to find simulator for rent here. After a lot of research I have found a golf simulator company which rents, but not sure if it is good or not. If anyone of you have any idea about it, please let me know.

Craig Franchise Taylor Says:

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