Scenescentral SEO Spammers

Scenescentral SEO Email Spam

I received an email from a company from West New York, by the name of Scenescentral. The chances are, as are using SEO spam offers to attract custom, and they have sent the offer to two SEO websites that I know off, showing there is no client targeting, you may receive one of their spam offers as well.

Be very wary of Scenes central’s spam email. - There is no contact telephone number, the form you fill in goes to a free email address and they don’t have a website - is “Under Construction”. I also note that Scenescentral’s address, as featured on their spam email, doesn’t actually exist - it’s aparantly an intersection!

No website?

They claim to partner with some of the biggest SEO companies, but with no website to their name, I doubt if ANY reputable company would partner with spammers like Scenescentral, particularly if they have no website and offer no contact number on their correspondence.

I don’t know the company. I have never heard of them and I can find no information about them on the web. To be fair, they may well be a reputable new company, but there’s no way to find out. All I do know about them is that Scenescentral are spammers, they have no contact number, they feature an address on their email that doesn’t exist and they don’t have a website. I would be very wary of dealing with them - particularly as they are offering a free report that you could receive from any number of SEO companies that do have a website, do have a good reputation and do allow you to contact them by telephone.

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Mark Richardson Says:

Reputable companies generally don’t survive using SPAM or multiple email attacks under different addresses. This company may be for real but why would anyone hire them knowing they employ negative email practices?

Jamie Says:

Are there any other similar blogs I can follow up on?
Yep how about this one, Jamie, old bean?

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