01934 423090 - Will writing nuisance phonecall

Nuisance Call 01934 423090

The last few evenings, around 5-15 to 5-30pm, I’ve been receiving calls from 01934 423090. I have always reached the phone to hear the automatic dialer hang up on me. I thought it was Craftmatic adjustable beds up to their old tricks again, but using a new number, but investigations showed at it was a company called Trust Inheritance Limited who are touting their will writing service.

Will writing Service

I tried calling 01934423090 straight back, on a land-line, mobile and skype, but nobody answered the telephone. I finally got an answering machine message at 8am this morning saying they were Trust Inheritance and they were looking to book a home visit to discuss wills and their real telephone number was 01934 836160.

Now, I believe that everyone should have a will written and I have no reason to believe that Trust Inheritance are anything but a legitimate company looking for business. I don’t even have issues with the occasional unsolicited marketing calls. What I do have issues with is using automatic dialers that call some 20 numbers and only the first person that answers the call gets to speak to anyone. The other 19 are left wondering who it was and why they hung up on them!

So, if you get a call from 01934 423090, call them back on 01934 836160 and when you get through, say click - and hang up! See how they bloody like it!

Response from Trust Inheritance’s Chief Executive, Steve Jenkins, 15th March, 2012:

“We are sorry if we have offended anyone with our calls. We comply with all Direct Marketing Association guidelines at our call centre, including regular reviews of procedures and significant ongoing investment. We are a company that offers Will and Probate services. This is our business. We have drafted some 250,000 Wills in 22 years. The problem with Wills is that we all know we need one but apathy means we never get around to it. Our calls aim to overcome this apathy and get people thinking about what is one of the most important legal documents in their lives. We really don’t want to offend and we will look into our procedures with respect to direct calls as result of the comments on this forum. If anyone has any further concerns please email our head office direct feedback@trustinheritance.com

Whilst I appreciate Steve taking the time to write and leave a comment, the automatic dialling and hanging up still goes on and people are still angry and worried about it - particularly when it happens late at night or early at the weekends. Yes, everyone needs a will and they often need a push to get around to it, but there are solicitors in your town, that can draw it up for you, that don’t phone you and hang up regularly early in the morning or late at night, or there are plenty of places on the net, like tenminutewill.co.uk, where you can draw up your will.

Personally, I have nothing against Steve or his company. As mentioned previously, they appear to be a legitimate company looking for business. My issue is with the over-use of automatic diallers and the hanging up as soon as you answer the phone and judging by the comments, it’s what annoys everyone else.

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Jill Says:

Thank you! I have been receiving calls from this number for over a week now at all times of the day - even at 21.50 last night!!! I have been starting to worry that it is something important (I only have a mobile and don’t answer any number I don’t recognise). You’ve laid my mind to rest and I’ll keep ignoring it!!

elle Says:

I’ve received a call fom this number, 01934836160 at 8pm. They started after other cold calls from “bath night”, another company offering bath aides???, sorry im not impressed and will contact phone people to see what can be done.

The Big Man Says:

Thanks for your comment Elle. At least, by calling on 01934836160, Trust Inheritance are calling from a number you can reach them on directly!

Julie P Says:

Trust Inheritance keep ringing me too at all hours of the day - latest on a Saturday morning. I have told them twice to stop bothering me but they still ring!

Robert Miller Says:

I have just received the third telephone call from this number today and of course no message on my answer machine
It is ironic because I am a professional will writer and am a member of the Society of Will Writers

Moyra A Borg Says:

01934 423090. Hmm! I also received a phone call from this number. I had no messages on my answering machine, but I dialled 1471 when I got home, which was a weird thing to do really. I didn’t recognise the number given, so I entered it into Google and Google came up with your web address which when I read it explains all to me. How wonderful of you to write up on it. I now will not worry that it is a call from a dim and distant friend, or from someone I haven’t been in touch with for ages. I am thinking of getting my will written, but a friend of mine is a solicitor, so we are going to write it ourselves, very soon! I do feel sorry for people who have to cold call. I keep entering lots of competitions where I frequently have to give my telephone number so that they can contact me if I win. Silly me! :-/ Moyra A Borg

Jean C Says:

I have just had a call from this number not 5 mins ago. I also dialled the 1471 as I was outside and missed the call. I enetered it in google just like Moyra. I am so angry as I lost my husband and mother to cancer just over a year ago and within 5 weeks ago and this just brought back some memories. I have just dialled the number and said click and put the phone down. Thanks all.

goodybags Says:

I to have been receiving calls from
01934 423090,been receiving these calls nearly everyday around 2:30pm
just spoken to them by calling
01934 836160,they said they will stop calling me,
it seems they got my contact details from CLASH Data Capture (02074050550)
Clash data capture are one of the many co’s who put together the lists used to spam us,
have also called them & asked to be removed from future lists

Sarah Says:

I have just received a phone call from this number and only didn’t answer by chance of thinking that it might be a ‘nuisance’ caller (as they are calling mid morning on a Monday). I am receiving a lot of important calls at the moment from different areas of the country, however I just thought I’d see what google search this number came up with so I’d have some sort of idea who I’d be calling back - I see an endless list of sites with complaints. I did exactly as you suggested and rang the real number back, said ‘click’ and hung up. Too right, this is a very irresponsable way to promote a business, and they deserve the same response back.

Robert King Says:

Phone number 01934 423090 called - I didn’t get to the phone in time. Then found this thread. Called them STRAIGHT back on 01934 836160. Spoke to someone virtually immediately, who (without being prompted) asked me to give him the number of the phone I wanted removed - just like that! I did so (i.e. my home number)… so … it remains to been seen or rather that should be heard ;-) if that’s done the trick.

Samantha Beardow Says:

Phone rung, I answered it not knowing who it was as we don’t have a thing to tell us who it is to find someone at the other end put the phone down

Glad to know who it was @ the other end

mark Says:

I’ve just had a call from this number on my work direct line. I missed the call - annoyingly, as I’m a solicitor who deals with writing Wills so would have been interested in seeing what they had to say!

gary Says:

thanks for the info excellent been ringing them all night pissing them off excellent website…….

Barbara Morris Says:

Just as a warning these people contacted my mother and father and arranged a home visit, they eventually charged my mother and father £2500 for joint wills without my knowledge I am now trying to get the money refunded.

studley Says:

Contacted several times, by this will writing company, Trust Inheritance, dispite being on a telephone preference list not to recieve this type of call. I have left a message on the Trust Inheritance answer machine to the effect anymore calls, I will report them to ofcom.

marc Says:

Had 4 calls today from this company and didnt manage to get to the phone in time! Finally realised i had 1471 and got the number! Didint know who it was so searched the number and came direct to this site and decided to call them back, 4 TIMES “click ” and then the 5th time i called i demanded that they remove my details! Hopefully this should sort it out! Man thanks for starting this thread.

Richard Brooks. Says:

You could probably send them an email at info@trustinheritance.com

wendy hogarth Says:

After checking 1471 I discovered I have just had a call from this number. My 2 year old was having a tantrum at the time and answered the phone to them and just screamed and screamed down the phone. This makes me feel so much better after reading all your comments!!!! Don’t think they will be ringing me back! Hehe, nice one! Mind you, I wouldn’t bet on them not phoning back! BM

Nicki Says:

googled the number after missing this a couple of times in the last few days. have emailed to get them to remove my number but as precaution will get bt to block the number too.
Am currently extremely pregnant, in fact 6 days overdue, god help them if they phone when I’m in labour!
6 days overdue! I feel for you - hope baby comes soon - as a grandfather of 13 grandchildren, at the age of 50, I have some experience in such things! BM

Di Says:

november 26th 2009
did check on website and found this site what a relief has put my mind at rest it is nothing or no one important They seem to call at all times of the day the last one I had was at 21 .45 last evening I have been rejecting the calls as did not know the number

Al Says:

the reason i bothered to google the number is because 1 number in the code and 1 in the main number were both only 1 away from being my own number, a bit freaky for a while, in a twilight zone kind of way.

Jem Says:

Had 27 missed calls finally answered and they thought I was my mother and that my Mum who has her own mobile number had given them mine! Phoned the number stated on the blogs and they said they would remove my number, fingers crossed!

Val Baxter Says:

Brilliant site, many thanks for posting the phone numbers! My mum answered the phone for me as I was driving, and they hung up on her. My curiousity was quite piqued as I didn’t recognise the number, and I was on the verge of phoning back when I decided to Google it instead. Thank goodness I did - I hate not knowing who has called me, and not having the call answered would have driven me crazy! I have now added the first number to my contacts list, labelled “SPAM - do NOT answer!” Thanks again :0)

Sarah James Says:

Thanks for your tip on ringing them and hanging up…. I love it !!!

Suesiss Says:

Loads of calls every day. Finally called the 01934 836160 number and got through. Asked for my number to be removed from their list. Fingers crossed!!!

David Stretch Says:

Had a call from this number today. Got to the phone too late to answer it but did a 1471, then Googled the number (because I didn’t recognise it) and found this site. I’m already registered with theTPS so shouldn’t be receiving such calls. I went to the TPS site (http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/) and confirmed that I was still registered. Then I lodged a complaint, using the link on the TPS site.

Steve Says:

I’ve had a few of these over the years and when they won’t leave me alone I generally agree to an appointment. When they ask what date and time I reply it doesn’t matter as I have no intention of being there.
They then ask me to go to some effort to try (usually with limited success) to have myself removed from the list.
I just ask them to enter “time waster” on the system and it usually works.
Another good ploy is to ask the person to describe the office they’re in, ask about the windows and then try to sell them some double glazing. When they point out they don’t want to buya ny it’s a good time to tell them that’s exactly how you feel about whatever they are trying to sell you.
If anyone reading this wants to buy some double glazing, please contact me. ;) BM

Jonty Says:

I too have had a call from this company, I’ve no doubt they will call again and when they do they’ll be on the end if an irritating noise winging it’s way back down the line…………PEOPLE BE AWARE SCAM MERCHANTS ARE ON THE MARCH.


We have have our wills drawn up with Trust Inheritance, is this company a scam?
I’m not saying they are scam-artists at all. My argument is in the way that they approach people to pitch for appointments; using auto-dialers is, in my eyes, a dodgy way to get leads. There are lots of reputable will writers out there that are qualified to write wills and are not merely salepeople working on a commission, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t get a good service from this company and if you are happy with what you paid, then it was value for money.

Leanne Marriott Says:

Trust Inheritance are not, i repeat not a scam! I understand you all thinking the predictive dialler is an unusual way to generate interest but we are after all in the relms of modern technology and it must be far more productive for the company to use this bit of kit rather than relying on a poor guy / girl picking the phone up and dialling numbers all day long. My parents and i have had our Wills drafted by Trust Inheritance and found them to be nothing but professional from the outset. We have both chosen to opt for a service they offer and fully understand exactly ‘what we get’ for our money.
Barbara Morris’ comment added in September last year, was incorrect in her statment of her parents Wills costing £2500, a mirror will with Trust Inheritance doesn’t cost anywhere near this much! I think their current price is just £79.
I thought it only fair to add a note on behalf of the company as i guess you wouldn’t know until you had tried them. Leanne

Leanne, I’m not suggesting that you are, in fact, a salesperson, or an employee of Trust Inheritance, but usually defensive comments like this come from a company source, so it’s good to see a happy customer coming onto this thread for a change. I reiterate, I have no issues with Trust Inheritance selling wills for £2500 or £79, for that matter - what they charge for their services is between their salespeople and their potential clients. The point of my original post is that they use predictive diallers, using the same numbers, over and over again. They seem to be targeting older people and most older people have no idea what a predictive dialer is. All they know is that they are receiving calls, day after day, from someone that hangs up as soon as they answer the phone. If you think that this is okay, Leanne, why not send us your telephone number so we can all call you and hang up every time you answer, day after day, for weeks on end? As for your comment saying that Barbara’s will didn’t cost £2500, that’s somewhat presumptious of you, isn’t it? I have received dozens of other comments quoting figures of that size and more, but I haven’t published them, as the language in the comments and the downright hatred towards Trust Inheritance, led to me ommitting them from the post. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a fine day. BM

Sally Says:

This company have been phoning me for weeks even though I’ve phoned them and asked my details to be removed. You can make a complaint at the telephone preference service and put in details of the company at http://complaints.tpsonline.org.uk/Consumer/

Gabrielle Says:

Just had the same situation but I answered. Caller asked for my husband, who not surprisingly doesn’t tend to be at home on a Monday lunchtime. She asked when he would be there I said 7pm and just got a sigh. I said goodbye and hung up, 2 mins later (having pur receiver down but kept the monitor open) she was still there and I could hear the other telephone operators in the background - my good deed for the day as may have given 20 souls some respite from her predictative dialling for 2 mins!

Really just emailing to say thanks for the site info, very very useful. Glad I googled it.

Sassisoo Says:

These people have been calling us over the last few days, always late evening - I generally don’t answer unrecognised numbers so when it goes to answer phone they just hang up - when I have answered in frustration, they also just hang up - bloody frustrating. Have since searched the nbumber and discovered what the deal is - now I’m definitely not going to answer, although if I get there fast enough I may just pick the handset up and leave it on the side! Thanks to Sally for the TPS (telephone preference service) - I’ll be logging on there right now!

Dave Says:

TPS is good, however the terms are clearly stated, if you tick any box asking for details (and some companies have got wise to this by saying if you do want details without you actually reading it) you will be liable to receive calls like this. TPS also needs to be renewed every year, so again if you do not renew it every year you are likely to get called.

Trust Inheritance are doing nothing wrong in my eyes and when asked where they get their details from I was told it can be anything from surveys and other companies where clients have expressed an interest in receiving these calls. Even shopping channels.

Making a will is vitally important and if you don’t not everything is guaranteed to be left to your family, and the goverment are likely to have it. So do a will!!!

I agree that will writing is important to everyone, but you don’t have to tick a box to be pestered every day, three or four times a day by their automatic dialer, they do it alphabetically through the phone book. How do I know? Kai and myself get calls at the same time from these people, usually at around 1.30am and 6.00pm. I have yet to be able to speak to them, as it hangs up everytime I can be bothered to pick up the phone. It’s not the will writing pitch I’m pissed off about Dave, it’s the way they go about getting their appointments!

joanne Says:

8pm,just had a call from that number, I am 45 yrs old, have 7 kids, so I completed my will many years ago with my solicitor. This call was not for me but for my 19 yr old daughter who is a present stuck in Egypt awaiting her flight home. I got shivers down my spine. It is, I think, important to have a will, but shes 19 for god sake! Also, I am recovering from cancer. You do not need calls like these, we see enough rammed down our throats on t.v adverts. I wish these calls were illegal.

Lindsay Says:

I was so pleased to find this site as soon as I searched the number which has called me at 7pm every night this week, it is nice to know who has been annoying me! I will now continue to ignore them.

brian Gyles Says:

08000 97 80 12 is trust inheritance phone number if they phone me again I be reporting as I requested to be removed from there database on the 20th may 2011 @ 16:17 ( they rang me three times today)

Little note 0800 phone calls cost them money not you

brian Gyles Says:

oh okay just thought BT 0800 calls are free other wise it might cost you

Lorraine Says:

I am desperate for help my parents also did their will with Trust Inheritance and paid £3000 for this they drafted their wills and stored them. My dad has now died, I phoned them because my dad had struggled to pay the money because they told him they would deal with all issues. They have done nothing except store the wills for £3000.
Can anyone tell me how I go about getting the money back or how I can expose them so that this does not happen to other people.

Matt R Says:

Wow, these guys have phoned me three times in a week and got my name wrong each time, so they never even got to tell me who they were as they gave the game away as soon as they asked for the wrong person. LMAO

djquazer Says:

Have recieved calls from this number on a regular basis for about a week now, and one day they called every five minutes, was really annoying, but thank you I have found this site, will continue to ignore them and hopefully the calls will die down :)

Steve Jenkins Says:

Dear Lorraine
I am the Chief Executive of Trust Inheritance Ltd and the founder of the Company 21 years ago.
I have just discovered this website and I am very concerned that you do not appear to have been looked after as a valued client.
We do not charge £3000 for Wills and/or storage. However we do have a lifetime membership plan designed to support families in your situation.
Please feel free to email me directly with your concerns and I assure you I will investigate your complaint personally. Yours sincerely, Steve Jenkins steve @trustinheritance.com
I have no way of knowing if this is genuine or not, but I have printed it in the hope that it is. BM

Steve Jenkins Says:

I can assure you this is abolutely genuine. Steve, I have passed your details onto the reader concerned. :) BM

Julie Fleming Says:

My mother recieved a phone call today on her mobile (how on earth did they get the number} asking her to make a will as the time was right.
How distressing this was for her being 73 and having lost her husband only weeks before. How rude and downright insensitive. She is traumatised by this as she only has the mobile phone so as she is contactable where ever she is by us, her family not by companys like this who have no thought as to the upset they can cause.
I tried to contact them by phone but to no avail, I will not leave at this though. Upset my mum and you’ve got me on your back, I WILL get a response from them so watch this space……

kate willan Says:

I have also now had 3 calls today from this number - at least with this conversation thread I know categorically to ignore them!

Donna West Says:

I have just had a call from Trust Direct, which again is 01934 423 090. I know that this is the same company, but I said that the person they were after no longer has this phone and they said they would remove the name from there data banks. Then I rushed home to find out who was trying to sell me something…and thats when I found this site. So glad I said the right thing. Thanks guys :)

Amelia Says:

My husband just received a call from this number (01934 423 090) on his mobile, the second of today. He missed the first one, but answered the second. He told them that as I was Legal PA, he didn’t need their services. Hopefully this will work and by the way it’s true, I am.

Karin Says:

Just been cold called by this number on my mobile.
How do they get numbers?
If you have ever filled out your telephone number on a an online form, it will be featured on numerours marketing lists and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s the same way people get your emails to send you spam. There’s money in them thatere lists! :(

Has everyone called recently lost a family member and been involved in dealing with Probate/Wills?
No - it appears to be purely random.

Am on the Telephone Preference Service, will have to check if there is one for mobiles now. I think it’s likely too difficult to moniter mobiles as people change numbers like they change their winter coats and one in five of us have more than one mobile number - I for example, have three. BMIf I want anything I get it myself or ask for it -if I dont want it I dont want to know!

Andy Says:

Just had a call on my mobile from this Trust Inheritance did a check and found this site. So I rang them back to ask how they have my mobile number as only a small amount of people know it. They said they would call me back in a few minutes and tell me how they got hold of my number. We shall see if they do because I would really like to know.

george Says:

Thank goodness sites like these are here! I have been pestered for a couple of weeks now, even set p my mobile to reject calls from them, although it would ring once then my phone would hang up. Using the in formation given on this site, I called the direct line number and asked to be removed from their automatic dialler, the young lady was polite, asked for my number and said she would take it off the list at once! Thank goodness for humans!

Alison Says:

l have had numerous calls from this number in the last few days and l am not supposed to get nuisance calls. il will try calling the number direct to see if they will remove me. Thanks for the info.

Andy H Says:

I’ve had a few calls from this number recently, but when I answer I am getting cut off. If you call them on 01934 936160 you will only get a recorded message - However if you phone them on 0800 0978012 it will cost you nothing and a “real” person will answer. Then you can hang up on them!!! Nice! :)

SARA Says:

I don’t no why i decided 2 google this no. as never have googled a no. before weird eh !! I have had 3 calls from this no. in the last half hour . Have put the no. under NUISANCE CALLER NOT 2 ANSWER ..Hopefully the calls will stop soon :)

Judith Says:

Many thanks for this advice. Have received several calls from this number and as it is from a local code where most of my family lives, I was getting concerned, you have put my mind at rest and will ignore in future.

Paul Severs Says:

Could I remind everyone of the Telephone Preference Service? If you register your telephone number with them , REPUTABLE firms will consult the TPS before cold calling, and if your number is registered they will not call. This will not prevent overseas callers who are exempt from the regulations [policed by OffCom], but if you have Caller Display [a cheap but worthwhile addition], you can ignore all ‘unavailable’ or ‘international’ calls [unless you have a friend in foreign parts!]. If a uk company calls - you can then report them to TPS - tell them that and they usually won’t call again!

Angry Says:

Do these people think that anyone is going to do business with them if they ring and hang up as soon as they answer? I wouldn’t deal with them if they are the last people on earth - they are probably cowboys anyway - and if I they phone again and are there when I answer, I will politely invite them to go away. Bastards!

Eileen Jordan Says:

I have just noticed a missed call of my mobile from yesterday afternoon (Friday) at 5:37pm - Amazed I did not hear it at all?. I rang the number back just now to see that it is these Trust people. The recorded message said they wanted to arrange a house visit. We are at opposite sides of the country and we have more than enough local solicitors adept at writing wills. Strange marketing indeed. I hate my mobile number being in the public domain so if I get another call I will certainly be on their backs!!

Pauline Wilson Says:

I stupidly agreed to a visit from Trust Inheritance. My husband decided that we could probably write the will ourselves so I had to cancel the appointment,however I couldn’t find a telephone number so I googled Trust Inheritance and found Steve’s comments. Luckily for me the number he gave was the right one for me to cancel the appointment. Thankyou Steve.

Catherine Hughes Says:

Today I received a call from this company on my direct line to my office in an Operating Theatre in an NHS hospital where I am a clinical lead. This could endanger patients lives, by making an essential telephone line unavailable. I consider this type of marketing to be unethical and contravenes OFCOM standards. Hence I have now communicated with OFCOM and the Law Society requesting that action is taken.

confused Says:

I just found a missed call from this number..im so confused. Where do they get our numbers and what gives them the right to call? There are dozens of places that they can get your number from - from phone books to lists that they buy; if you ever give your telephone number to anyone via an online form, it can easily end up on a list for sale as a potential buyer for a product. As for what gives them the right to call you, if you have a number, anyone has the right to call you, I’m afraid :) BM

Tony mallen Says:

If the call is an unsolicited call, then please sign the petition here:

;indsey hooper Says:

Just recieved a cal from them trying to sell me a will, im only 30 ffs!!! They called me on a mobile number which I no longer use and have passed on to a family member a year ago, how do they get mobile numbers? Shady bastards! Everyone’s phone numbers are on dozens of marketing lists that are sold all over the world and I would say to you that no matter what age you are, you should have a will and you should have life insurance. Lecture over :) BM

steve Says:

Wish these looser companies would stop doing this type of thing.
Thankyou everyone for posting about this number has been useful

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