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George from the world of Googlmail writes “Most of the websites on your portfolio pages are large websites, but I’m just looking for a small starter website and I’d like to see some that you have done. Do you never feature the websites you have designed or optimised on your blog? It would be the ideal place to feature them, particularly small website designs.”

Thanks for taking the time to write George. Small websites are becoming more and more popular due to the credit crunch - and there are a many on the portfolio pages. Every business needs a website and we make it possible for people to start with a one page starter site and build it as the business grows. This is one of the problems we face in showing small sites, as many of our sites start out as small websites and grow over the years, so now appear to be medium or large sized sites. On top of that, we only feature a percentage of the sites we design or optimise on the portfolio pages, either because the client doesn’t want their site featured or because we just don’t have the time to add them to the portfolio! We’re a fairly small business ourselves, but we publish anything between 5 and 15 sites per month for clients and we simply can’t feature them all on the site’s portfolio pages, whether they are small sites or not.

Your idea to feature sites on the blog is a sound one though, so I will start to do that in the next few days.  

One Page Websites - Starter sites

You don’t mention how many pages you are looking for in your small website, George, but we offer a full range of website products; from one page starter websites to full, all singing-all-dancing bespoke ecommerce sites. The one page site, for example, costs only £149 plus VAT and comes with 3 email addresses, a free domain for two years, you get analytics installed to the 1 page site so you can see where your visitors are coming from, the search term they used etc., it’s fully optimisable and is written in our own spider-friendly kContent CMS (Content management system), so you can make any changes to the text or graphics yourself, easily and quickly, without having to worry about contacting us to make the changes for you. The 1 page website is also upgradable at any time, should you decide to add more pages to the site. The next step up from the single page website is the four page site, which costs only £249 plus VAT and offers more features.

Even the small sites that we develop are optimised - yes even the one page site! Obviously a small site like that is hard to optimise for big search terms, but can be effective when targeting terms Geographically. For instance, if you are a Plumber in Alloa and we build a small one page site called and optimise if for terms such as Alloa Plumber, Alloa Heating Engineer, Corgi plumbing services Alloa, etc, etc, for a small investment of £149 plus VAT,  your 1 page starter website will quickly give you a return on investment if you appear on the front pages of the engines for those terms.

I’ll look at adding new sites to the blog George - it’s a great idea. Who knows, the next one could be yours! Thanks.

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