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Top Ten Ranking in the SERPS - (test)

It’s important that your keywords are ranked in the top ten of the search rankings; as an SEO, top ten rankings are my bread and butter, but until today I didn’t think of optimising for the actual search term, “top ten search engine ranking”, so I thought I’d run this quick test in the blog.

I discovered the search term today after visiting, after they left a comment on my Blog. They have some well written articles on the site - check out Don’t skimp if your serious and it’s a nice clean site - I like it. On their index page, they use the term,  top ten search engine ranking, as proof that they are a top optimisation site - I don’t know Appnet at all, but I’m sure they are - but I wondered how easy the term was to achieve and how long it would take me to get on the index page for Top 10 search engine ranking myself, hence this test item.

4 Minute Ranking

In this test, it took 4 minutes, with no links pointing at it, to get the term, top ten search ranking to number three in Google UK, it would appear that it is not that difficult to achieve. This is only a test though, and it’s likely that Google will drop this in the next few days, and it’ll flitter in an out for a few weeks, as it’s only a short article and there are no links to it. Methinks it would be worth optimising properly - after all, if the term brings  Appnet traffic in the USA, maybe it’ll do the same for us in the UK!

 Top Ten in 4 minutes

By the way, I have bookmarked the Appnet site and will call back regularly, as I like the cut of the article writers jib!

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