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Google Toolbar PageRank Update January 2009

The Google search engine has updated it’s toolbar PageRank. It does not appear to have affected search engine positions one iota, further strengthening my belief that Toolbar PageRank; whilst being a fair indicator of a site’s overall health, is no longer of major importance to a site’s positions in the search engines.

PageRank and Link Building

The Google PageRank update can effect your ability to secure inbound links to your website, as site owners are more likely to exchange links from pages with PageRank than pages without page rank, but the figure shown on the Google toolbar is accurate for 1 second, every three months, so if your pages have lost PageRank in the January 2009 update, it’s unlikely that your positions have adversely been affected.

To give a simple example, Kenkai holds thousands of number one positions, for thousands of terms, but one number one position we have held for four years is Domain Name Advice. The page hasn’t been changed for a while and it has dropped from PR5, to PR4, to PR3 and now PR2, in PR updates over the years, yet it still sits at number one. It’s not a big term - only bringing us ten or so visitors a week, but I mention it as it has kept it’s place despite all the losses of PageRank over the years.


Although I can find no major drops in positions with any of the sites that we have built or optimised, despite the PageRank dropping on many pages, it seems that some sites have seen big drops, according to other blogs - although so far, I haven’t seen any actual URLs quoted.

5 Responses to “PageRank Update”

ForPublisher Says:

When google will update PR again? Nice to know you :)

TechieDan Says:

So far I got to agree with you. Google Page Rank algorithm seems to be more of a negative side these time around. Dropping from a high ranking and now I am stuck with PR 0.

Failed algorithm?

The Big Man Says:

ForPublisher, There is no way of telling exactly how soon PR will be updated, as there are no set times, but my best guess would be around the 6th March.

The Big Man Says:

Dan, Have you lost positions though, and if so, what terms?
I notice that on your blog, you have stated

“If your page used to have PageRank but not anymore it means either:

* banned by Google (hand penalty is made by Google employee)
* your site was down when Googlebot last crawled your site
* your page is considered duplicate content by Google”

If you lost pagerank in the google toolbar update in January, none of these are a reason for you lose Pagerank. In the PR update, it’s down to links and nothing but links. It does not mean you are banned or under a penalty. Not criticising Dan, but whoever told you that is mistaken.

TechieDan Says:

Thanks a lot on the information. Looks like I need more links and stuff.

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