0800 387177 Prize Draw Scam

0800 387 177

Your phone rings, the digital readout reads 0800 387177, you pick up the phone and the line goes blank. Has that happened to you? It happens in our office at least 5 times a week. Occasionally, the 0800 387 177 automatic dialer rings us and we get to speak to a salesperson, and we have fun winding them up, but they soon suss us out and simply hang up. It doesn’t stop them from calling back two hours later!

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

The 0800387177 number is used by Craftmatic Adjustable Beds. The Craftmatic sales pitch, (if one of their sales people happens to choose one of the 20 or so numbers that the automatic dialer dials for them for each sales call) is along the lines that you have completed an entry to a competition a couple of months back and you’ve won £500 blah, blah, blah, before they try and do a survey with you and then on completion of the survey, they try to arrange for a direct salesman to call at your home and pitch you on buying a bed from them for four hours.

Hey, everyone has to make a living and if I received a call from 0800 387177, I answered it, someone was there, they pitched me and I said no thanks and that was the end of it, I wouldn’t much bother. However, the automatic dialer is a damn nuisance and like most direct sales companies, they probably go through staff like I go through cups of tea, so nobody is ever going to think, “Oh, I’ve spoken to this number before, I won’t waste my time speaking to them again”.

Craftmatic don’t have a great reputation in the direct sales industry either. They have appeared on BBC’s Rogue Traders, and have been subject to investigations by  the Mail on Sunday and Which Magazine.

If you want to contact them, here is some information that you may find useful:

A Contact Form: http://www.craftmatic.co.uk/free.shtml

Address: Craftmatic UK Ltd Craftmatic House, Fyfield Wick, Abingdon, Oxon, OX13 5NF

Telephone: 01865 823400  

Fax: 01865 823404

Email: Karen.tripp@craftmatic.co.uk  

Web: www.craftmatic.co.uk

Craftmatic Solicitor: Anthony Fiducia of Brian Cave LLP, 88 Wood Street London EC2V 7AJ
Tel 44 20 3207 1100 Email anfiducia@bryancave.com

The ironic thing is, I’ve slept in a Craftmatic adjustable bed and it was really comfortable - but if using the prize draw scam and a four hour sales pitch is their chosen method of selling them, it’s not for me - and I personally can’t see that any bed is worth three grand anyway!  

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Joshua Taighton Says:

Thanks, good to know that it’s CRaftmatic and the prize draw is a scam, as I get calls from 0800 387 177 on both my landline and my mobile and they hang up every time I answer!

Nina Leach Says:

I’ve had a call from Craftmatic Beds this morning….same format but from this number….which is used by many different businesses I believe……01189183080

The call graduated into an argument, which is not like me but I found the caller very pushy….he ended up calling me rude……so it all left me upset and shaken. I complained to them.

By the way, we have a plain bedframe with a memory foam mattress which cost less than £200 altogether off ebay and it suits my cervial and lumbar spondylosis…and has a 15 year guarantee. One of the reasons, I don’t want one of their beds. Don’t answer calls to 01189 183080!

M Grant MD Says:

i had one of their sales people round 3 years ago lovely man got a great bed still using have reccomended lots of friends my friend use to work for the daily /sunday mail and they paid a nice some of money which i cannot disclose to craftmatic after printing the story about them which was proved to be untrue their was an apolagy made in their paper
people like you love complaining and love these calls as their is a free service you can get where advertisments are not put through to your phone bet you wont put this on your cite becarful what you moan about could get sued M Grant MD

The Big Man Says:

Thanks for posting a response, “Doctor Grant”. I’m surprised a Doctor would write without the use of punctuation, the incorrect use of “Their” and the incorrect spelling of “Apology” and “Cite”, which makes me wonder if “M Grant MD” may actually be someone writing from Craftmatic adjustable beds, but not being man enough to admit it.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, M, I appreciate your comment. Craftmatic adjustable beds; although very expensive compared to their competitors, are comfortable beds - a point I made in the article, if you had bothered to read it!

The article isn’t about craftmatic beds, it’s about their inconsiderate use of dialers and offering a prize draw scam to lure people into a 2 to 4 hour appointment.

I loved the “Get sued” warning, which convinces me you are not a Doctor. There is nothing in the article that is not true, so there is no basis on which to sue, which if you were an intelligent, educated doctor, you would know.

Thanks for posting anyway.

kate rich Says:

Just had a phone call from Craftmatic -0800 387177 telling me I’d won a competition that I’d never even entered..He asked me if I was interested in my prize I said no - then he just put the phone down on me… Obviously he’s not one for small talk..

Pippa Says:

Thanks for the information. I am just about to do battle on behalf of an elderly client who has just won the competition - Oh sorry my mistake ordered a new bed!!!!

I will also be reporting them to my local trading standards as it would appear that they may have breached their undertaking to trading standards to ‘play nicely’.

Mark Says:

My grandad had a phone call from these leeches today and he called me as he thought it may be a bit dodgy.
They told him that he’d won a £500 voucher for a new bed and they wanted to come round and see him tomorrow to present him with his prize.
I had a look on the Craftmatic website and there’s no phone number available to contact them so I looked further and found this site. I informed my grandad of their bad reputation and he said he won’t let them in the door.
Later this evening he had another call from a woman at Craftmatic to make sure that he was going to be in tomorrow. He quoted comments that are posted on this site and the woman replied “I take it that you want to cancel your appointment tomorrow”.

That says everything!

JT Says:

Bugger, thought I’d just won an ill person a bed…

Different phone number (after lots of silent calls, presumably somehow that I’ve paid for?)

08005973100 - rather fetchingly a ‘Mr.Beg’

BR Says:

Ditto to JT above.


Teza-belle Says:

Hey, i had a bingo letter and a entry form to win a craftmatic bed, iv just recently missed the call & they’ve left me a voicemail with a number to ring back on. but if its a scam i dont see the point! Maybe i should ring them back & if it is a scam they should be reported for false advertisement!!
il let you know how it goes!

Robert Says:

Now the job center are trying to get people to work for Craftmatic. I’m disabled and was told this was a great way to get into sales. I asked what are the wages and they said commission only, when I said no thanks, the look on their faces was shocking, but I’m not going self employed.

Self emplyment isn’t for everyone Robert, but you can earn a fabulous living in direct sales - Good luck with finding a job. BM

Lisa Says:

- - - - - - - - 08005973100 - - - - - - -
My mum has recently passed away from cancer. Before this, we decided to buy a bed that would make her life easier at home, etc.
So i contacted 3 companies including Craftmatic to see what price they could give us, etc. It took them 2 months to call me back - When they finally did my mum had passed away. I explained to them the reasons for needing the bed and that my mum had now passed away and not call again. I have told them 5 times not to call me as she has now passed away - But they keep calling up to 4 times a day and even at weekends!!
I’m assuming you have to be an idiot to want to work there and of course a complete loser!
I’m surprised they make any money.

So sorry to hear about your mum and the constant phonecalls from craftmatic. I agree with the word you used to describe them, but I’m sure you’ll understand why I had to edit your comment. Be well. BM

Gillian Gee Says:

Googling for a fax number to tell these Craftmatic people to b****r off and stop driving us mad calling at 0800 daily,I was utterly delighted to find your site - and the information given therein. Thanks! I’d not known they were one of the companies featured on Rogue Traders etc, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. We’re both disabled and have never been interested in what they sell, nor filled in any form etc, yet they rang and asked for my husband by name. It’s pretty obvious, then, that they buy their lists from some organisation dealing with disabled people… and we only belong to one of those outside the DWP etc. Hmmm…

Nigel Says:

These people rang up my elderly parents, 89 and 90 years old, and told them they had won £500 and arranged to come and see them.I told them that it was a scam and they would be trying to sell them a bed at a greatly inflated price, so they made sure that they were out. Despite appearing on rogue traders it seems that these people don’t give up!

C Hayles Says:

Wanted a bed and contacted three firms for quotes but NOT Craftmatic, who somehow found out I wanted one, and entered me in their prize draw for a bed or cash in lieu.
Phoned to tell them to stop phoning me, received about six calls offering this and that and told them I now had a bed and did not want a second one.
“So we will withdraw your entry for the competition” the girl said.
“No way I replied, you ad says NO PURCHASE NECESSSARY so cancel it and I sue”
Not had a call from them for weeks then they phoned the wife and said she had won an electric scooter and there was NOTHING to pay! They repeated this about four times till my wife said that they could call. Then saw these comments and cancelled the visit.
“But we have arranged a visit for next week now and cannot cancel” said a rather rude and obnoxioius woman who in the end told my wife to “piss off” and put the phone down!
Incidentally the bed I got was from Willowbrook and was over a thousand pound cheaper, well made and comfortable with memory mattress and the wife receiverd a bouquet of flowers a couple of days later as a thank you to me.

P Grove Says:

The latest number from which these calls come is 0800 597 3100 - same message re £500 prize for completing survey - sounds good. Oh, by the way one of our staff will call with the survey. Who are you - Craftmatic - call terminated and email complaint made!!
Apart from the repeated calls with no-one there, what is annoying is that I am registered with Telephone Pregerence Service, to avoid such calls. It is a shame that the TPS cannot be enforced legally, so that Craftmatic would be fined every time they called a number registered with TPS. Perhaps they could be prosecuted for making nuisance calls?

Andrew Says:

My elderly father-in-law actually bought one of these beds. My wife & I were both out at work and he was in on his own. The sales rep came round and was there for most of the day. We got home to find my father-in-law distraught and shaking with worry - he had evidently signed on the line to get rid of the man. My wife complained to the firm, but her father meantime convinced himself that he really wanted the bed - presumably it was the only way he could live with himself.
Incidentally, I think M. Grant, MD, who wrote on 10 Feb., was not a doctor but the firm’s Managing Director!

Andrew, if M Grant is the MD, the atrocious spelling and terrible grammar explains an awful lot about the company! BM

Joseph Baleni Says:

Recieved similar call this morning but said i was not in coz i recieve too many promotional calls so wanted to find out first what the call was in connection with….the just gentleman just said he had good news for me regarding a competition I had entered which indeed I did. So I tried calling them back but could not get through to anyone. Upon googling the company name, I came across this site and alas, one of the numbers listed is the same one they used to call me.
I am think of playing dumb if they do call again and then inviting the press to expose them when they come, so recording the conversation would be a good idea!

I think it’s a bit underhanded to enter a competition and then invite the press to expose someone, Joseph, once you have made an appointment. I can see the point in naming and shaming them if you hadn’t entered the competition in the first place, as that would be harassment and a con, if they said you entered the competition and you hadn’t - but you say that you did enter and you have won a prize. I doubt if anyone in the press would consider that a con - even if they do want to spend 4 hours with you and try and sell you a bed or a scooter. BM

Mary Green Says:

I called in on my 86 year old dad this morning to find him signing on the dotted line for a Craftmatic bed. He had paid a £395 cash deposit to the Sales man and agreed to pay a further £3,500 in cash on 2 September when the bed is delivered. He has been promised £500 pounds of vouchers in return for completing a sleep survey. He has also been told he has received a £1000 reduction in price forhis old bed. Has he been done?

It’s not for me to say whether he has been done or not, Mary. Do you think £3895 is good value for a bed? The deluxe model, brand new, is being sold on ebay for £800 with free delivery (second hand ones, in near perfect condition for a fraction of that). You decide which is better value. There are also lots of other manufactures who sell at a fraction of the price, like Abberley, and Laybrook BM

Johnny Brydon Says:

My Father received a visit from a Craftmatic salesman and was persuaded to by a scooter for £3895. A very similar scooter is available for approx £1200 new locally. My father is 84 years old and on medication that impairs his decision making, I consider the tactics of this company unreasonable and my fathers solicitor wrote to Craftmatic stating the owing to his mental frailty under the mental health act 2005 no contract of sale existed andfollowing this letter the company have now collected the scooter and we are waiting for the repayment of the deposit. I understand that some of craftmatic’s sale leads come from unwinable competition entries. In my opinion this kind of commission only selling to the old and frail needs regulating much better. I personally don’t think there’s much wrong with commission only selling, Johnny, but nearly £4000 does seem somewhat excessive for a scooter and I wholeheartedly agree with you that anyone taking advantage of the old and frail needs a slapping! We wouldn’t accept it if it was children or people with mental illness being taken advantage of, so why are the elderly fair game? BM

Rita Says:

Getting plenty of calls from CRaftmatic, caller ID shows as 0800 597 3100 also. Usual rubbish about “you’ve been selected”. Every time they call I tell them not to call again, and I’m registered with the TPS so I understand that it’s actually illegal for CRaftmatic to keep calling. No way would I ever buy from such a disreputable company.

Colin Croll Says:

I have worked at craftmatic in the past it is all a scam. They lie, they cheat, they steal and they should be taken action against. All those people who have had to suffer due to them should not let them get away easily. THEY DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED

Mike Says:

I am on the Telephone Preference Service.

When they called me with a pack of lies saying I had filled in a survey, and that’s where they got my details from, I told them to stop calling, and that they were breaking the law by calling.

They waited a bit over a month and called again. I told them to stop AGAIN. Now they are phoning me every day, silent calls, stupid noises. Such is the maturity of the staff they employ. Reported to TPS complaints. As making harrassing telephone calls is an offence in its own right, they are walking right into trouble — all calls recorded, as they say!

Mark Graven Says:

So glad I googled……I’m looking for a job & one of my job seeking websites sent me a posting for this. I got excited at first as I am in to craft type things & expected some craft supply company to be needing sales people. HA! What a surprise. It is amazing how many companies are out there like this one. I’m contacting the job website & rating on this company. THANKS to all you people for writing in. Although I DID smell a rat being offered the chance to make £30,000 in 13 weeks (why 13?) based only on my charm!

Gpsy Says:

If you decide to try one of these beds you have a 10 day trial period and if you decide to cancel then when you ring and say thanks but no thank’s. they send out someone to pick it up and they have to ring the company and then you have to ring them, so they can try and talk you into keeping it. If you still say no then they will take it away. But remember they only keep your bed for 10 days then your old bed is thrown out. But to me there are beds out there that can do the same job as these ones and they don’t cost as much. They don’t make the american one’s anymore only the chinese ones (version 2). The american version (version 1) is no longer made. No I don’t work for that company either.

Dee Says:

Sticking to the point about the inconsiderate use of diallers, it’s a common tactic of under-pressure call centre staff to record an unsuccessful sales call as ‘No Contact Made’. This ensures that their statistics are not adversely affected, but results in another call being made within days to the unsuspecting person. I suppose the only solution is the telephone preference service, toothless as it might be.

Helen Romp Says:

Have received calls from 08005973100 number the last one being this morning. They always phone at the same time. Told caller in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in receiving my prize of £500 worth of vouchers and hung up.

Helen Romp Says:

Received another call today. Told them to leave me alone as I was not interested. What does it take to get rid of these people? I too am registered with TPS for what it is worth!

Katherine Langton Says:

I am also being pestered on the phone nearly every evening at dinner time. I rang BT as I am on the TPS but they suggested that it would be difficult to block the calls as they are coming from and automated exchange with multiple extensions.
So I have an idea.
I shall call the customer services tomorrow and tell them to stop calling me… If they persist I shall get in my car and drive down to Abingdon with my shotgun and give the automatc exchange both barrels….Boom Boom!
Then maybe we’ll all get a bit of peace.
Sounds like a plan :) !!!

ali hussain Says:

the craftmatic callcentre is based in Reading towncentre. anyone can work there as they dont conduct interviews or check for references all they do is make you read a script and if you can (its not hard!) then they will let you start straight away with no training, they tell you to read the script and use the objections. this place is full of different kinds of people, including those that have been in prison! and to be honest they dont care what they do, as long as they get paid at the end of the week. the automatic dialler is a joke, it will always call u back even if u put not interested. the company is run by mark ostroff, who has been convicted of fraud in america for fraud. they use many tricks and put loads of pressure on the elderly. they start calling at 8am and finish at 9pm mon - sat. they even work on sundays. i have worked there for over 2years and i am ashamed of myself for doing this. i have since left and got myself a proper job.

bobby Says:

Just phoned the 01865 number on this page and asked to speak to the Head of Tele-sales. Knowing that no such person probably existed I was put through to a ‘Manager’ who could take my number of their list. The ‘Manager’ was unaware of her seemingly instant promotion from data processing clerk to Manager but when challenged she duly flond out how to remove my details especially as I am registered with TPS…

So it goes on, I’m asked for my name, I refuse, I give my phone number, she then confims the name on their screen, not mine and the addresss - again not mine. So all is good in the land of the Data Protection act there then. The ironic thing is we get lots of calls from debt collectors asking for this person, so now I candirect them to the right place. Lovely! Thanks Craftmatic!!

Jan Says:

My 82 year old mother has just been conned by these people into purchasing one of their beds after being told she had entered a competition and although she hadnt won anything yet she was still in the competition but someone would come to her home to tell her about the bed and she could win £500 of vouchers. She was subjected to a 4 hour sales pitch where the price came down from £5999 to £2200. She was so exhausted after the 4 hours she agreed to a 10 day trial. She didnt realise the 10 days began from that day NOT the day the bed was delivered which was a week later. They now refuse to take the bed back and refund her money. In fact they have tried to sell her a chair for the small sum of £5000!!!! Contact Trading standards straight away, or send in a team of skinheads with baseball bats! BM

Nigel Says:

This advert is on the total jobs website in many different locations around the country, it is as you have guessed for the Craftmatic bed people.

So this is where they get there new sales folks from and the way that they get them, interesting reading.

Job type: Permanent
Date posted: 15/03/2010 18:04
Contact: Please click the apply button
Serious High Earners
Solid Company Est. 1994 / Leads All Year Round

Seeking The Best of The Best!

Special Added Bonus Programme:

Guarantee Yourself £10,000in 1 week / By only earning Five! Earn £5000 in a Week / We’ll Double it!Designated for The Top Rep over £5000 – every single week!**

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Also offering a £2000 Sign On Bonus For Those Who Excel*

*Sign on bonus pd. after an initial period and a respectable sales target

Seeking Experienced Sales people Capable of Earning Over Four Thousand Pounds Commission Only in a Single Week: If you’re seeking a Long term Career or you just looking to earn BIG MONEY NOW…Look at what some of our best were able to do!

Previous Paid All Time High Weekly Earnings Include!

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You May Have Experience As:

•Sales Executive
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No Previous Sales Experience Necessary / Will Train £40 Per Completed Presentation 1st 30 days Sale or No Sale Plus a Special Commission on this initial period. All this is part of our Lead Protocol earn and learn programme when you follow our systems.

2/3 Pre/Set Confirmed Leads Daily Over 300,000 New Response Leads Last Year

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**The £10,000 Special Added Bonus Programme is immediate and works like this. Every week the three highest earners who earn in that week and are paid £5000 for that one week, which can combine your weekly commission / weekly volume bonus / and that week’s share of your monthly bonus as well as your travel bonus, qualify. The highest earner receives £5000 added to their earnings over £5000, actually earning £10,000 plus. The second highest receives £2500 and the third will get £1000 added to whatever they earn over £5000. We need the manpower … We surely have the leads!If you have the will … we know the way! Programme can be withdrawn at any time.

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Car a Must / Laptop or Portable DVD Player Required / Not Multi Level

Nick McD Says:

Glad to see we are not alone.
These people have been ringing us of late, asking for the son of someone who we bought the house from 3 years ago.
This son has been the cause of much grief from debt-collectors and other bottom-dwellers.
We have repeatedly asked them to remove the name and phone number from their books.
Perhaps something more imaginative is needed…..

mr jones Says:

all users may be glad to know that Craftmatic.co.uk ceased trading as of the afternoon on Friday 07/05/2010.

Kerwin Orr Says:

Good news officially today craftmatic closed its doors for good we were told to go home yesterday and today a notice was left at the door to say craftmatic was no longer trading haaah

Annonnymus Says:

Fella’s i worked for Craftmatic… its a complete fraud with pressure sales.. Good news is.. the company is now shut down effective 7th May 2010… making us all redundant…

Karen Says:

Yes craftmatic have now gone into liquidation. My mother was subject to hours of pressure selling ( obviously we didnt know about the visit ) she ended up purchasing a craftmatic chair which apparently should have cost £5000+ which eventually came down to £2200 !!!!!!!! after the clever sales tech of I’ll just phone my boss and see what I can do !!!!!! due to the fact that my mother has never experienced sales tech’s was none the wise !!!! of course when she told me I was well switched on to what they had done. Unfortunately I found all this out after the event and the money had been paid and miraculously the chair was delivered the next day. She has now had a phone call from another company informing her of the company liquidation and telling her the warranty ( guarantee ) is now not worth the paper its written on !! and that she now needs to purchase a warranty to cover any faults that may arise. I would appreciate any info on any of the compant owners anything really to try to obtain pay back. I have been on Companies house site to check some things and now have to start the arduous task of phone call after phone call to find out exactly were we stand in all this mess.
Sad to say, if the company delivered the product and they are now in liquidation, you have no chance of a refund and the warranty is worthless. Try writing to your local MP for information on any regulatory body that may cover the warranty, but I have to say, I very much doubt it. They will probably pop up under another company name in the next few weeks, but even then, legally, you have no come-back. Sorry I can’t offer any more advice on this Karen. Have a fine day. BM

J.Wood Says:

I recieved on of these scam prize awards by e-mail and because my wife suffers back pain etc. I took up thier offer of a demonstration (wish I’d found this information first). I was pressured into the sale by one of their demonstrators after a grueling 4 hour pitch, and during the time the salesman was with us he never once mentioned that adjustable beds are only beneficial to people who only sleep on their back. I am sure there are not many people who sleep without turning. Getting back to my situation, I phoned the company within a week of receiving the bed to complain that it was making my wifes back pain worse instead of better, they told me they would get someone from customer services to phone me to discuss the problems we were experiencing. Needless to say no call was forthcoming and I eventually called them again to see what the holdup was, I was told that an after sales representative was dealing with the matter and would be in touch as soon as possible. Again I waited and soon the return date was approaching and I was forced to call them again, that’s when the killer blow came. I was told I need to put my complaint in writing to the company which I did immediatly only to be told that the return date had expired, I phoned them and said I wanted to return the bed as it was making my wifes back pains so bad she could barely walk and was told that wasn’t possible. I got angry at this point and said “Is this because you’ve had the money from a finance company and so you don’t care about your customers?” and the phone rep said “Basically, you could say that!” so I was left with a large debt to a finance company, A bed that we can’t even use, and the expense of having to buy a new bed which is by far better (normal divan bed with orthopedic mattress) and cost £2560 less than the CRAPMATIC bed.

Sam Childs Says:

I received a phone call the other day from someone saying that Craftmatic had gone out of business so therefore my warranty was invalid, I sad thanks for ringing me to tell me (I love playing with sales people). She went on to say actually her reason for calling was because if anything goes wrong with the bed it can be “very costly” to get it repaired, therefore she was offering me an extended warranty. I said no thanks and put the phone down. It seemed a strange call to me even for a cold call, as I got one in the first place as I have American friends who have the beds from the American company, so I knew what i was getting and what sort of price I should be paying for it. After much bartering with the salesman which I was more than fully prepared for thanks to my American friends information, I got a good deal and got exactly what was expected. And upon checking the internet the UK branch does appear to have been closed. I would however suggest that if you get one of these calls they are highly suspicious and probably someone trying to make a few £, ex-employee possibly, and that if you do have one and something does go wrong with it within a reasonable working length of time, you are covered by the law and should contact trading standards. The funny thing is…I point blank refuse any form of warranty or cover on ANYTHING due to the legal rights you have and they cold call ME! Thanks for your comment, but the link to your website was dead - salubrius.com - did you possibly spell it incorrectly? Let me know and I’ll add the link if you want me to. BM

Miss Hills Says:

It seems they are back, but using a new name,Adjustamatic, and saying they are taking over the warranty on beds etc that craftmatic sold previously now they are in liquidation!. They are phoning and telling people that they are phoning to arrange for their delivery, the one that they haven’t ordered. They are also sending out letters to people about taking over the warranties on items that were never purchased then waiting to be called for query and talking their way into elderly people’s houses. The Trading standards and Police have been informed. There is no address on the letter from Adjustmatic and the number on the letter does not correspond to the phone number on their website, but I phoned them, and they confirmed both numbers are theirs. So look out.

Graham Says:

OK, so from all the punds pricing information I guess that the rest of the comments are from the UK. But today I got calls from the following numbers;0280054396, 0882439200 with some electronic sounding salesman telling me that I was placed in their competition for a free bed and that a salesman would be around to my house next week. Is there any indication that this same company is now operating/selling in Australia (my location?). I don’t know, but they sell in the USA, so why not Australia? BM

maurice disappointed Says:

My sister recieved letter in December 2009, saying great news you are entitled to a £500 shoping certificate for filling in a sleep survey and aranged to come & give a free demonstration in January 2010. In the end she was persuaded to purchase it. The bed was very comfortable. It came to £3,395.00. She has now been admitted to a residential care home. I have tried to ring all of the numbers in the paper work; I have found 3 different numbers and all are not recognised. At the time of purchase I did not have a computer, so we never even thought about checking them out. I tried to ring them to ask if they would be prepaired to purchase it back at a reduced price; How naieve can one be? I have now been on the internet and reading all the stories, I can understand why she has still not recieved her voucher - we gave up a long time ago. I have managed to sell the bed to a friend for a vastley reduced price. She suffers from back problems so I hope she will be happy with it, I just hope we dont have any mechanical problems but only time will tell.

xaximeh Says:

Adjustable and electric beds allows us to elevate our head and feet into our most comfortable position with our easy access hand control, allowing us to relax much better than any flat bed ever could. And that’s what is best about having craftmatic!

Steve Says:

I have just found out that my Brother who suffers from severe epilepsy (not backache) has been conned out of £4000 for a bed he does not need. He is on income support and does not understand the legality of what he has signed because does not understand any of this, this is why as his carer I deal with most of his finances. HAd I known this in the first palce this transaction would never of taken place. I will be contacting the Barclays Partners regarding the finance then our Solicitor to see where we stand on this as to stopping payments. Btw he is 45 years old with a mental age of 24 which to me is disgusting by thsi Company to even thibnk of selling it to him. Interesting Steve, I didn’t know you could have a mental age of 24 - I thought that the scale ended at 14. I would have thought that a 24 year old mind would be more than capable making a decision such as this. Thanks for posting - they say you learn something new every day, which I certainly have today. Be well. BM

kevin Says:

Craftmatic were fined in the usa $4million approx 2 years ago for mis-selling and conning old people, mainly in the florida area.They sell mobility scooters worth about £1200 for £5000 if they can, but if the salesman fails after his 3-4 hour pitch, they call from the telesales and offer an ex demonstration model for about £2,500! ! The boss who lives in a mansion in florida is loaded.

Craftmatic Says:

The Craftmatic bed is adjustable which permits many people who were over tired the opportunity to get a good night’ sleep. This bed prevents all of the tossing and turning. It is, however RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE and the salesman will STAY IN YOUR HOUSE FOR UP TO FIVE HOURS to HASSLE you into BUYING ONE. There are some extras available that include a built in massage and integrated heating WHICH COST HUNDREDS of POUNDS EXTRA. Most consumers wake up feeling totally rested and much better than they did in their old bed, as they do, with other similar beds sold at a FRACTION of th PRICE! In the past three decades over 1,000,000 Craftmatic beds have been sold - many to UNSUSPECTING OLD PEOPLE. The main reason people buy these beds is because they offer an option to having to sleep on a flat bed AND CRAFTMATIC EMPLOY SALESPEOPLE WITH NO SCRUPLES. This bed can heat up, massage, recline, and elevate AND ITS ONLY FIVE TIMES THE PRICE OF OTHER ADJUSTABLE BEDS. There are numerous people who like to watch TV while they are in bed, therefore having the ability to comfortably recline while they are watching their favorite TV show is another reason why they are so popular. The Craftmatic adjustable bed will also help the people who suffer from acid reflux. When a person’s upper body is elevated while they are sleeping helps to provide relief because it keeps the stomach acid down where it should be WHICH IS ONE of the MAIN SELLING POINTS and why you should SPEND and extra THREE GRAND on a CRAFTMATIC BED. To get the same result in a flat bed, the person would have to be propped up the front of the bed, which might be dangerous because the bed might fall off of the supporting system. There are less expensive options to craftmatic beds, however - the same or better quality, for less than 30% of the price of a Craftmatic bed. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and back pain can also benefit from the Craftmatic adjustable bed because it could possibly provide relief for all three.

Mrs Diane Mills Says:

I have had a Craftmatic Bed for nearly 2 years, and although it was expensive I am totally satisfied with it, I was not pressured into buying it, I in fact asked for the salesman to call, told him what I wanted and what I didn’t and with that he was only with me for about an hour and a half. I found him vey pleasant and not at all pushy.
My big problem now is that my control cable has broken and I am having a problem trying to get the wire to replace it any suggestions anyone? Call a local electrician, he should be able to help you. BM

Chris Crook Says:

I put into my search browser “Adjustamatic Complaints” because I wanted to know of others that had problems with this company and ended up in your site. This company is evil. They first contacted a friend of mine that has mental difficulties, is 77 years and cannot see when he is being conned. This company under another name, “Compass Mobility” managed to contact him despite being registered with the TPS. Tricked their way into his home and sold him a riser chair for £4,300. By the time I found out they were out of the 7 days for me to cancel the contract. However I contacted them and informed them of the situation. Within a short period of time they rang him again and made an appointment. this time I was there to protect him. I sent the girl off with a flea in her ear. But these are really evil people. A letter came recently dated the 25 April 2011 from Compass to say that they were to stop trading and that they had handed over my friends data to a new company. Adjustamatic. Well a letter came dated 27 April 2011 from Adjustamatic explaining they were taking over Compass Customers. We had been in touch with these and told them to remove all details of my friend, but they don’t even respect the data protection laws of this country. Unbeknown to me, they rang again and convinced my friend that he should allow them to come and see him to check his old chair, sold within the last two years to see if it was OK. The creep convinced him to part with a further £3.700 for another recliner chair. Thank you for setting up a site like this that allows us to inform each other of they evil creeps that continue to prey on the most vulnerable people in our society. Whilst I have no reason to doubt the above information, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information posted by any commenter. BM

A Wood Says:

My elderly father was conned by the “winning a competition” scam. He was in the early stages of dementia when he paid £4000 cash for a bed. He said he wanted rid of the salesman. I still get annoyed when I see his shaky signature on the copy of the invoice. We knew nothing about it otherwise we would have cancelled it. That’s a bad one, sorry to hear about this shady opportunism.

Ian Bewers Says:

My mum got sucked in by this, but hid it from the family. She bought one of their beds in 2008 & 2 scooters (the last one 20/01/2010). All of them were on finance & now I am going through her Estate I am horrified of the money she signed up to pay (& could not afford). They even charged £300 for deliver on a scooter. I have been googling these items to see if there is any monetary value on the second hand market. Whilst doing so I see that she paid DOUBLE the price BEFORE HP charges.

G Nurton Says:

Has anyone had any dealings with Dreamwell? They have contacted my 88 old mother saying that Craftmatic have gone into liquidation and they have taken over their customer list, and are checking that all is okay with the Craftmatic adjustabke bed that she bought some 10 years ago, and could they visit to check. She agreed and two salesmen visited and have tried to sell her a new mattress at £4836. Is this a new way of conning vulnerable people? I have no knowledge of Dreamwell, but five grand sounds somewhat excessive for a mattress, and if it looks like a con and smells like a con, then usually………………… :) BM

J. Giller Says:

My 87-year-old mother just bought a very expensive mattress that she didn’t want or need from Dreamwell after being harangued by a sales person for over 3 hours in her home. She has had to take the mattress off the bed subsequently as she was so hot and sweaty with it. The worst thing is that she feels completely stupid and embarrassed about having done it, as she told the salesperson several times that she did not want or need a new mattress. It took her several months to tell me!

She lives alone and I think it is appalling that old people are being targetted in this way. Her next door neighbours - seeing the delivery van - told my mother that they had had to threaten with calling the police on an earlier occasion in order to get salespeople from the same company out of their home.

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