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Google Music Search Tool

Back in May, I mentioned the Google Music search facility, which I used earlier today and found that the info I printed back in May is now out of date. Google are still making it almost impossible to find the Music search tool, but you can now access it by following this link: Google Music Search.

Album Search

Google are obviously still working on the indexing of albums, as they still haven’t managed to put the albums for any particular artist in date order yet, which I thought would have been a fairly simple process. However, there are a few helpful links to take you to more information and in particular the very useful album track listing facility.

Quick Music Search

If you can’t be bothered clicking on the link above every time you want to visit Googles Music search, you can simply add music: before your query. So if you wanted to find out about Lou Reed’s music, simply type into your standard Google search box, music:Lou Reed. Easy peasy!

Yes, I can go to Napster and get the same information, but I believe that Google will eventually make this a really worthwhile tool and would say that Google Music Search is certainly worth a visit.

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