Paying £40 for a website with high expectations?

Julie wrote to me this week, asking advice on two cheap websites that she purchased from a company called The gist of her email was to say that she had been running her websites for a year and was getting nowhere in the search engines and that the sites were not w3c compatable. I haven’t printed the email in the blog word-for-word, as it seems obvious to me that Julie was pretty angry when she wrote the email.

At the time of writing, Darren Brown, the owner of DPBUK, sells ready made ecommerce websites for a single licence fee of £39.95 and your site can be live within half an hour. ( also have a hosting charge of aound £108 per year) The product he sells is unbelievable value for money - but it is what it is - it’s a £40 website. The old addage that you get what you pay for would seem to be a fairly obvious statement when buying a cheap online business opportunity from DPBUK that costs £40. Judging by Julie’s email, when she invested her £40, on the e-commerce website, her expectations seemed to be that she was investing in a unique, bespoke website and getting £5000 value for £40. I mean no offence, but surely if you buy a car for £100, with no MOT, you can’t really expect it to have all the features and for it to be as well finished as a new £12000 car?

Many people accuse DPBUK as being a scam and I can see how some people may think that, but the e-commerce website that Julie bought from dpbuk is a fully functioning website - FOR £40! The downside is that, cheap as it may be, its  virtually an identical site to every other cheap website that DPBUK sell, so without a lot of optimisation work and bundles of links, I can’t see any of these sites ever performing as a full time business. On top of that, her retail prices are way higher than her competitors.

I should point out that intention is not to slate for offering these cheap, ready to go sites, as investing £40 to make an occasional dropship sale, on a part-time basis, makes the dpbuk website a great value for money product - but you can’t spend £40 on an e-commerce website -the duplicate site of hundreds of other websites - and expect to make a full time income, without making a major investment in time and money, on an ongoing basis.

Around 78% of websites, where the site owner does not invest in a quality optimised website are no longer live on the net 3 years after they launch. So if Julie is serious about running a successful, full time business on the internet, I would suggest that she sources a quality product that she can retail for a similar price to her competitors, (or offer a quality service), invest in a quality optimised website and work hard on it. There are no get-rich-quick fixes for £40 - or at least if there are - I haven’t found any yet!

4 Responses to “Paying £40 for a website with high expectations?”

Gerry Conroy Says:

What sort of online business opportunity can you expect for £40! I paid £20,000 for my site from a London design agency and even with that, I had to pay another £9000 to an optimisation company before I started making money on the net! (although doing quite nicely now, thankyou very much!)

The Big Man Says:

Gerry, whilst I appreciate that you invested big-time on your internet business opportunity, I suspect the company saw you coming! Whilst £40 is a silly price to pay for an optimised ecommerce website, paying £29k for one is even more ridiculous! It’s interesting to note that you haven’t supplied the domain name of your website that is “doing quite nicely” - I’d be interested to see what you paid Twenty-nine grand for!

Joe Says:

My wife bought one of these sites from; a lingerie site, but you can buy the same products from hundreds of other sites, most of them cheaper than the prices on the DPBUK prices. Yes, £40 is cheap and you get a pretty website that you can use as a “Status symbol”, but the hosting is twice the price you can get elsewhere and the site is virtually worthless as a retail shop. Joe, you are preaching to the converted. Dreams of investing under £40 on a website, with no further investment, with or any of the other similar sites, is just that - a dream. As a product, it’s value for money, for the amount of work that you’d have to do yourself to build the free cart and add 15000 products, set up payment facilities, etc - but these have no chance of success on the search engines without spending big on optimisation and bringing your product prices down. Your wife would be far better sourcing a few products and sell them on eBay, re-invest her profits, sell that stock, etc. until she can afford to invest in a optimised shopping cart solution and then move her business on from there. It takes money to make money - there are no quick fixes in the online shopping industry.

Lance Toporek Says:

Anyone want to sell my car for me? Don’t be so lazy - sell it yourself, you spamtwat!

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