Google as a verb

“I must Google it”

Google continue to grow in popularity, despite the millions that Yahoo and MSN throw at trying to claw back some of the search engine market share. Google has the market stitched up. MSN and Yahoo need to consider whether they should drop out of the search market and throw their millions at the many areas that they are already good at, because now that Google is a verb, they have no chance of ever catching them.

Market Share

Google now have over 60% of the US search market and that figure is growing daily and they already have some 88% of the UK market and European markets stitched up and as long as we are googling for information, rather than searching on the internet for information, the market share will surely continue to rise.

New Kids on the Block? 

In the UK, when Hoover became a verb, “I need to hoover the carpet”, their market share continued to grow despite all of the other vaccuum cleaner manufacturers throwing everything they had at trying to grab the market. It took a brand new company to bite into their market share, and that was Dyson. Although we still “hoover” the carpet with our Dysons!

It may take another new verb to topple Google’s dominance and James Wales and his plans to “wikify” the world of search, may be the very boy to do it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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