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Gargunnock Inn - near Stirling

I received an email from Tommy Trinder this morning, (real name, obviously!) and he said he couldn’t understand why his articles were dropping out of the engines after a couple of months and asking how to get them back in.

Laziness! Yep, pages get dropped by the search engines due to the laziness of the site owners. This may seem a bit harsh, but I’m guilty of it myself, so I know that it’s true. To keep pages in the index the pages need links, to be optimised properly in the first place and they need to be freshened up every 2-3 weeks or so.

In the blog, I let pages drop out of the index regularly, if they are not particularly important. It’s more difficult to keep blog pages alive than a regular website information page, as they are not given the same relevance as regular pages, unless you have a very popular blog, with bundles of links pointing at it. Two examples of such pages are the two Gargunnock Inn articles that I wrote back in January. Neither Gargunnock Inn article has collected any external links and both only have a couple of deep internal links. On top of that I haven’t revisited or freshened either article since putting them live.

Re-indexing Articles

First of all, it’s difficult to get blog articles back in the index, but the steps are the same whether it’s a blog article or a standard web page. Firstly, freshen up your article. Alter the Page title and meta description slightly, tweak the H tags and rewrite the odd sentence. You can also add a graphic, or change the alt tag on the existing graphic and of course, it helps if your article receives the odd comment now and again.

To see how long this will take, I have gone back into the first Gargunnock Inn article and tweaked the the title, description and content and linked to it in this article plus one external link. The other article, which was the results of the two minute listing, using the Gargunnock blog entry as the test case has been changed to a lesser extent and is basically relying on the internal link above to get re-listed. 

I would estimate that it’ll take 7 to 21 days to get the pages re-listed, although it’ll be interesting to see if either article features anywhere for any of the Gargunnock Inn restaurant and pub keyterms.

Try it for yourself. It’s not difficult, it just takes 15 minutes of your time and you can resurrect pages that you thought that you’d lost for good.

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Bankroll Says:

I followed your instructions and was amazed that it worked on 5 out of 8 of the pages that I tried it on. I note that the Gargunnock Inn pages that you did the experiment on are back in the index and are featuring in the google index for Gargunnock Inn and Gargunnock Inn Stirling Etc. Thanks for this. I have read many SEO articles and most of them talk shite, but you have given easy precise instructions on how to get pages back in the google index. Thanks Big Man!

The Big Man Says:

Yep it took eight days for one article to get one Gargunnock article back in the index, ten for the other one and twelve days to get them firing in the front two pages again. The Gargunnock Inn isn’t a difficult term, but the techniques mentioned will work with most pages that you have lost from the index.

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