Google to put Wordtracker out of business?

Google Keyword Search Volume Stats

Google have gone back on previous statements, where they said they would never publish actual keyword search figures, showing the actual volume of each keyword search for the previous month, which could sound the death knell for keyword volume services like Wordtracker.

It has often been claimed that Wordtracker’s figures are¬†completely inaccurate, as they are basically extrapolating their figures from around 3% of the overall search volume figures. It would seem, judging by the search figures Google are now allowing us to access, their extrapolations are, in many cases, somewhat flawed.

Changes in Adwords Statistics.

Up until today, Google have always shown search volume for any particular keyword or key phrase as a rating between 0 and 5. They now seem to be showing the actual number of searches for each search term. In fact, they show the number of searches for the previous month, for each search phrase, as well as the average number of monthly hits over the previous 12 months.

The Google Keyword tool also still shows Advertiser competition, etc., so it’s now a truly useful piece of kit.

UK Keyword Tracker

One thing that many people won’t realise, Google are not only now giving the keyword search volume for the, but also for, which is a boon to the UK webmasters and optimisers.

Google Keyword Tool on Google.Com

Google Keyword Tool UK

Wordtracker out of Business?

Will this put Wordtracker out of business? Probably not. Why not? Because they now have accurate Google search¬†figures to build into their algorithm, so will be able to offer a more accurate service. Wordtracker has served the industry well over the years and I wouldn’t like to see it do down the tubes, although will I pay for a service I can get for free in future? Speaking as a Scotsman, who was brought up in a small kibbutz just outside Glasgow, I don’t think that’s very likely!

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Hairdressing Salons Says:

It seems that the results are tailored to the languages and countries you choose from a drop down menu from the above links, once you reach the Google Keyword Tool
I’d also point out that I believe the search results defaults to your current settings if you are logged in via Google.

Thanks for informing us all of this great Keyword search tool.

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