Freddie the Bullboxer is all grown up

Fred and Shuggie

Our bullboxer, (Boxer / staff cross), is a big boy now  and I’ve been threatening to put some new pictures up for months now, following on from the first time Fred the bullboxer appeared in the blog, back in April of last year.

They told us he would probably grow to the size of a staff, but he’s more like a beefy boxer than a staff, but that’s okay, because he’s beautiful!

The first pic shows Fred with Kai and Dolly’s Jack cross, Shuggie, on the first day that Fred moved in. Shug wouldn’t leave Fred alone, wanting to mother him, but as he grew, Shug’s mothering instinct fell away somewhat!

Fred the BullboxerThis is Fred now - he’s a big boy! He’s full of energy and an absolute joy. At 14 months, he’s still a puppy and needs lots of excersize - and food! If you are thinking of buying a bullboxer, you need to be aware just how active they are; they don’t stop. Freddie want’s to play all day and luckily we have Dave and Shug to keep him entertained, but if you are looking for a dog that needs little attention, a bullboxer is not for you.

He was easy to housetrain - in fact it was a matter of days rather than weeks, before he grasped that he has to go outside for a pee and he’s great at doing the sitting, lying down and running for a ball thing - but without using a halti, he’s a nightmare on a lead. With the halti, he’s no problem, walks by my side like a normal dog. He’s good with kids and other dogs, although he’s a bit of a racist - he doesn’t like black labradors for some reason!

Anyway, back to work. With so many visitors to the original post, I thought I’d stick up an update post so you can see the handsome boy that he turned into!

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Justin Green Says:

We have a Boxer/Staff cross and she’s beautiful (hard work mind) She looks like a Boxer with more muscle tho not like Fred (he looks more pit bull than boxer cross)looking at his face he’s about to get up to no very expressive. lovely pics

The Big Man Says:

Yes Justin, his head is certainly more staff than boxer, but he still manages to slaver like a boxer when there’s food about! Funnily enough, I’ve seen pictures of his sister, and she has more of a squashed face and has the boxers gunnels - in fact she looks more like an American Bulldog than a bullboxer!

rick Says:

Ive just got a male cross staff/boxer and I’m worried that people might thaink he is a pitbull terrier. Have you every had any one say that your dog looks like one.

The Big Man Says:

Yep, a few times. It’s unavoidable, as he’s taller than a staff and got a staff’s head - you don’t notice the boxer’s gunnels until you are up close. It has never been an issue though. It’s easy to say, yes he’s a cross between a staff and a boxer and as I walk him with a jackador and two border jacks, all three considerably smaller than him, they can see he’s a gentle beastie. As long as you are sure your new bullboxer isn’t a pitbull, then legally you have nothing to worry about. If your boy is anything like Fred, once you have trained him, he’ll be great with kids and other dogs - although he’ll always look a bit roughty-toughty!

sarah Says:

wow looks like my 9month old boxshire terrier as we call her boxer/staff, except kyra has perfect bridle boxer markings people get so confused over what she is. from afar she looks boxer, but at close peolple think she is deffo a box/ staff, beutiful temperment,

BJ Says:

He is truly a very handsome boy. Our boxerford terrier took some time to train but is far better behaved off the lead, she hates the restriction. She also dislikes other dogs that are restricted by a leash and takes a cheap shot at them! Keep working with him, the boxer side should shine through and he will grasp walking without a lead and recall on command.
He’s good on the lead now and off the lead he walks to heel, but he still loves chasing white or red vans! See more of him at BM

Lolo Says:

Hi there, i’ve just got a ’staff x’ from a rescue home and i’ve had nothing but people stop me and suggest he’s actually a: staff, boxer, ridgeback, pit bull! I’m none the wiser, have no idea what he is now, would you know if i sent you a photo? He really looks like your dog, same colouring but more tan than white. He’s delightful, love him! Just damned curious as to what he ACTUALLY is!! Send your dog’s photo to and I’ll give it my best shot, togther with length of his legs an his height to the top of his head. I can’t guarantee I’ll be a 100% right, but I have had close contact with all kinds of staff crosses, so I may be able to give you a better idea than most. BM

Emma Says:

Hi, i have a staff x boxer and shes HUGE, shes 6 years old and since i had her spade shes gone to 38.5 kilo ive just been and got a new puppy which is also staff x boxer to get my 6 year old motivated! shes brilliantly with my children, but can be aggressive with other dogs when shes on her lead, i have also been told by my vet that she could be mistaken for a pitbull which is scary, my 6 yr old looks like a staff but my puppy looks more like a boxer. x

All of the Bullboxers I know need lots of excersize, as they have large appetites. If you are just taking her for a short walk each day, I would suggest finding somewhere that you can throw a ball for her and gradually work her up to twenty minutes of chasing and retreiving a ball. Don’t feed her anything but dog food ( no sweets, bread, crisps, leftovers, etc.) and give her three small meals a day. All dogs that don’t spend time with other dogs can be aggressive when they meet other dogs, but that can be trained out of them. If you are struggling yourself, find a local dog trainer, or dog training classes. They are never too old to learn how to behave. If your vet thought she was a pitbull, he would have notified the law, as it is unlawful to own an unregistered pitbull terrier in the UK, so don’t worry about that, she isn’t a pitbull, if your vet hasn’t had her registered as one. It sound like you love her to bits. Any chance of a Pic? BM

chris Says:

We have had our bull boxer for 10 years now and he is a big softy!He hates black labs as well which may be because hes been attacked by 3! however hes never retaliated which goes to show you cant judge a book by its cover! he has his own face book site as well! duke maddison!

andy Says:

Just about to get a bullboxer from a rescue centre, he is a year old, loved reading all ur comments and look forward to adding mine in time, thanks everyone.

The secret is to keep them active. Get a hard ball that he can’t sink his teeth into - Pets at home sell them with a wee bell inside - we find Fred finds the purple one in the grass the easiest - and let him run and fetch it for you over and over. Don’t try a tennis ball - it’ll last two minutes! Lots of exersise and lots of fun and he’ll be the best dog you ever had. BM

andy Says:

Our Boxer X staff has been with us for 6 weeks now and hes fab!! Hes so loving and very playfull. Excellent with children(my wifes a childminder and we have our own) although very licky!! Tennis balls last 10 mins as you said, we found a ball that has lasted more then 3 weeks-a record! He has terrible wind (any suggestions on why??)We are very lucky to of found him,cant believe somebody dumped him.
We use two types of balls for Freddie, these ones from Pets at home and another pets at home product that they don’t have on their website. Its about 2 and a half inches in diameter different colours, got rubber knobbles on it and a hole at each end with a little bell inside. We find these to be almost indestructable by Fredd, although our two Border Jacks like to give them a good go! As for the wind, Freddie has the same problem - particularly with tripe - he loves it, but you can’t be in the same room as him after he’s eaten it. The vet told us that it’s because he gulps his food down so fast, so we tried hand feeding him, but it didn’t make a difference! We’d love to see a pic of your bullboxer, if you send it to, we’ll publish him on the site with latest pics of the Fredmeister.

kim gills Says:

yes im tryin to find some info about a dog . i have a 2year old boxer / pittbull her name is lilly and she alway tryin to bite ppl and i dont know why.
I’m no expert and I don’t know anyone with a pitbull cross, as pitbulls are illegal in the UK, but from what I’ve seen on shows like the Dog Whisperer, they can be trained. If Lilly is 2 years old, and she was my dog, I’d speak to a dog behaviorist or dog trainer soon, as the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, may not be completely accurate, but in the case of powerful, dangerous dogs, it certainly becomes more difficult to change character as they get older. BM

rachel macdonald Says:

hey, i just got a new puppy…his parents are a CKC reg. boxer, and a CKC reg. blue nosed pit…hes black with a trace of brown spread evenly throughout his fur..hes only ten weeks, i think he might turn to be a reverse brindle…but hes a sweet little guy full of energy and spunk..i love my Jack
Send a photo and I’ll publish it. When he grows up, he’ll need 1 to 2 hours excersize a day, so look forward to getting fit! BM

Di Says:

Last night my teenager came to me with a photo of a bull boxer in an old dog book, saying, “Mommy that’s Harry.” I’ve had a “foster” dog from the local humane society for a year-and-a-half so I guess that makes Harry Potter a rescue. So named because he was turned in with a four inch gash on the top of his head. Much of what I’ve read here sounds like Harry. He’s a handsome fellow… when my husband first saw him, he asked him why he was so dressed up in his tux and spats. He’s black & white. I’ve always thought him to be a border collie-lab mix because of herding ability, but since he does not have a soft mouth & has an INCREDIBLY powerful, heft to him, lately I’d been wondering about a Staffordshire. He has taken protection of my daughters and me (in fact any female) on as his “work.” Unfortunately I believe he was abused by a man and possibly teenage boy and may have also seen a woman & girls abused. Other than chasing anything that runs and disliking tall blonde men in loose-fitting or flapping garments (like my husband), he’s a wonderful, but high-maintenance and somewhat unpredictable dog. Actually he’s predictable; unfortunately humans in closely packed suburbs are not. There’s the rub and why I still have this loving dog. Any thoughts and has anyone ever had that DNA-breed test done? We’d love to see a picture of Harry. I may be able to give you more idea if you are correct that he’s a staff cross, with a boxer or any other breed. Send the pic to and we’ll publish it on the blog. I don’t know anyone that has had the test, but as all dogs are 99% wolf, I can’t see thatit’s particularly accurate? Have a great day, BM

Aimee Says:

Hi there, I have read your blog top to bottom
with quite some interest. Today I went to see the most gorgeous staffy/boxer cross pup. Only 9 weeks old, Mstilda (as she us known at the Blue Cross) is just gorgeous. I have been researching tonight her breed and trying to work out if she is the right choice for us. My husband is a big boxer fan. When I heard of these pups I was at first put off by the staffy in them but then quickly realised that this might mean that she will turn out to be smaller than a boxer but with many if the characteristics of a boxer.
We have a 3 year old daughter too who we have to
consider obviously when choosing the right dog but I see many if you report how well your dogs get in & mix with children.
Any additional pictures your dogs would be so great as I have failed to
find many online. I have pics of Matilda too that I can
post. Will email to you.
Any advice you have would be gratefully recieved.
I have 13 grandchildren, aging from 2 to 14 and they all love Fred and he loves playing with them. he can be boystrous in the first five minutes that they arrive, as he is always so happy to see them, but when they are staying overnight, he lays on the end of their bed and protects them all night. We also have three other dogs - Shug (a girl) and Donald (a boy), who are Border Jacks (Jack Russell-Border terrier crosses and Dave, (a girl), who is a jackador (lab Jack cross) and he plays with them all day. He is a fabulous dog and I’ve known two other bullboxers and they are exactly the same. I would suggest raising any bullboxer as a puppy, so that you can give them the love and fun that they need from a very young age - the only negative they have is that they have relentless energy and you need to be willing to exersize them - I don’t mean a 5 minute walk once a day, but chasing a ball in an open field for half an hour, combined with a walk in the evening. I obviously don’t know your situation, but if you are going to get a puppy that you are willing to exersize and make a true part of your family, you can’t go far wrong with a bullboxer!
The Kenkai Dogs

Jack Daniels Says:

Hi all, i have been swaying over getting a staffy or a boxer for about a year, now that the time is right i saw a staffy/boxer the other day and i loved it instantly and have now decided that i want a cross. I cant find any breeders at all. I live in Scotland but will travel anywhere to get one


Jack These are available now Jack - Scroll down to Kye and Josie

linda Says:

hi there im thinking of getting a bullboxer bitch, ive already got a male boxer that is brilliant in every way loves other dogs and children, my neighbour has a 7 month male and his gawjuss and the mum has just had another litter , but just woundered how they was, all wot ive read seems great i think it would be great for my other dog, plz help me try and make up my mind x Read the comments on the three articles on this blog about Freddie and you’ll see that I’m not the only one that believes a bullboxer makes an ideal pet, as long as you are willing to exersize them and do it regularly. A bullboxer isn’t a dog that you can take for a 2 minute walk and then leave in the house all day when you are at work. He needs love and attention and a damn good run! BM

lamar Says:

I have a boxer pit mixed he is a good dog loves my son my dog is 4 months and my son is 5 months I don’t know if he is a staff or what.

Lupe Massei Says:

Ah just you just love them, I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he is just adorable, he`s eight years old now but still has the energy of a puppy !

Amy J Says:

Is your staff/ boxer from dogs trust?
I have a staff/ terrier from Dogs trust and he is a real sweety!
Yes, he’s from Dogs Trust in West Calder, originally brought in to West Calder from Northern Ireland. BM

Hope Says:

Can I ask what breed the other dog In the top picture on the left is? I have recently brought home a staff cross and cannot figure out what with! Looks similar to this dog in the pic! We thought Shug, was perhaps a cross between a staff and a jack, but we have since met the parents and she’s, in fact, a cross between a Border terrier and and jack russell. We found that out as we have another border jack, whom, it turns out, is Shuggie’s nephew! If you look down the comments on the item, you’ll see a pic of all of the dogs - Shug is next to Fred and Donald is next to Shug. Our other bitch, Dave, is also in the pic, she’s a jackador, yep a Jack russel and a lab crossed! Have a great day, BM

laurisa Says:

I have a bullboxer 7 weeks old will he be ok if i take him out before injections? NO. Never let any puppy be in contact with other dogs you don’t know, without injections. Just by sniff invisible pee on the grass can give a puppy all kinds of issues, including one of the most common, kennel cough, which can be fatal to a puppy and if not fatal can give it health problems for the rest of it’s life.

jack daniels Says:

BULLBOXER STUD WANTED!!! Hi i have a bulklboxer, she is amazing, i am looking to breed her with another so i can create a pure bullboxer, i am looking for a big red n white male, so if anyone wants to get in touch please do so, 07900 568 702. I love this mix so much, i really cant fault her at all. I love looking at photos of bullboxers, in fact i think im obsessed with them lol. I have been looking everywhere, it would be great to hear from anyone. My email add is i would love to create web page just for bullboxers, you dont see many of them around. cheers Jack Emailed with details of local red n white male sent and meet up arranged. BM

Renee Says:

Hi there. Just wondering exactly what breed(s) the pup is ….the one on the left, in the top picture. I have a dog who looked exactly like that when she was a puppy, but we do not know what breed she is. Her & the litter were rescued & we adopted her. Shuggie is a Border Jack. Her father is a full-blown Border Terrier and her mother is Border Jack (Jack Russell / Border Terrier Cross). We also Have Shuggie’s nephew, Donald, who is the long-hair version of a Border Jack. If you look down the comments, you’ll find a pic of all four of the dogs, including Donald.

Michelle Says:

I’ve just got a 9 month old staffy boxer cross. I’m concerned that people keep telling me I’m mad to have my 3 children near him being staffy.but I’ve read up on it and it said they can be very friendly. Should I be concerned? Any dog that isn’t loved, regularly exersized and trained, no matter what breed, can be a danger to humans. Personally, I have met dozens of people that have staffie crosses and I have never heard of anyone having any issues with children - in fact, I’ve only ever witnessed the exact opposite - the staffy crosses I’ve known love children. I have heard of dogs biting children though, usually highly strung dogs like yorkshire terriers, poodles and chihuahuas.
Does your dog show any aggression towards your children or other dogs? If he does, you need to excersise him more and have him trained. I have 13 grandchildren and Freddie loves playing with them and they love him. Five of my grandchildren have their own staffie cross and she makes an absolutely perfect pet.
I don’t profess to be an expert and I can’t tell you if your dog - or any dog - is safe to have around your children, but in my experience, a neutered Staffie cross, or a bullboxer is no more likely to turn on your kids than any other dog. I hope this helps in some way.

Leah Says:

shug is the female identical to our male dog Alfie, we know he is crossed somehow but not sure with what breed, hope you can help solve our evenning family debates lol, just to finish shug and alfie are near perfectly identical which threw us a mile we thought we wer looking at alfie x x Shuggie is a Border Jack. Her father is a full-blown Border Terrier and her mother is Border Jack (Jack Russell / Border Terrier Cross). We also Have Shuggie’s nephew, Donald, who is the long-hair version of a Border Jack. If you look down the comments, you’ll find a pic of all four of the dogs, including Donald.

Sue Bromley Says:

I am currently fostering Fletcher, a boxer/ staff cross for Northern Rose Boxer Rescue. He is looking for a forever home and you can read his updates and see photos on the website Fletcher is a friendly boy, loves kids, happy with other dogs and is a powerful looking brindle boy, having the look of an American Bulldog / Staffie cross. He is currently based in Bolton, so if you are looking for a beautiful, friendly dog, and you can give him a forever home, get in touch with Persevere with the site, as you have to do a lot of scrolling, which with the lay-out, isn’t obvious. You don’t have to register, just scroll a lot to find what you want :) Click on Sue’s name above to go to Fletcher’s page. BM

Andrew pinches Says:

We also probably joined the bull boxer club when we rescued our puppy from the RSPCA in Germiston, johanesburg SA. We were told she was a staffy boer bull mix but having seen a bull boxer on tv we realized just what she actually was, thank you Caesar Milan for helping us identify our dog. She is totally fantastic, friendly and protective. She sleeps outside with our golden Labrador and they play lakker together.. Great guard dog, and I have no doubt she will be great with our impending kids too. Freddie is fantastic with kids of all ages - as my 13 grandchildren will attest to :) Good luch with your impending fatherhood! BM

claire Says:

Ive just read all these posts as i was a little worried about this breed of dog where my kids are concerned and thank you all as its eased my mind now, we got are puppy yesterday he is so cute hes iris blue staff cross boxer, we reali cant think of a good name for him. We also have a patterjack she is 9 months old and was brill with him when we brought him home just hope that they will get along with each other, do you think they will? If you give the dog love and treat him well, I’m sure he’ll repay you ten times over :) Fred lives with three jack crosses and he’s the most affectionate of all our dogs. If I may give you one piece of advice - give him plenty of exercize. Don’t just take him one ten minute walk a day; a bullboxer needs to be out two or three times a day and preferrably in a park retrieving a ball or a stick, and they love to be run until they are too exhausted to run anymore. As for a name, I personally love human names for dogs. Ours are called Fred, Dave, Shug and Donald (Dave and Shug are girls! - don’t ask!). Traditional names like Ralph, Henry, William, Joseph, James, Harold, Jasper, Patrick etc. really suit a bullboxer dog. Let me know what you decide to call him and send a photo to and I’ll publish it in the blog for you. Have a fine day, BM

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