Funky TV - the new YouTube?

Funky TV - Video Sharing Community Site

I thought I’d give a quick mention to Jon Hilton’s Funky TV video sharing site. Although it’s unlikely to rival Youtube, if you are into sharing videos online, you can get in on the ground floor and make a name for yourself, while the site is in it’s infancy.┬áhas much of the functionality of Youtube, although it doesn’t offer embedding code, so I could have added a video to the blog and started a bit of viral marketing for Jon, but the site is in it’s beta stages, so it may come in the future.

We’d like to wish Jon every success with his video sharing site.

2 Responses to “Funky TV - the new YouTube?”

Tony Says:

Is this Funky TV site one of your designs?

The Big Man Says:

No Tone, although we have built several sites for Jon in the past, the video sharing site isn’t one of ours. I simply wanted to give it a mention, as Jon has worked hard on it and I’d like to see it work for him.

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