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I regularly receive spammy, unsolicited SEO emails from Steve Chadburn of EastMidlandsInternet.co.uk, offering me SEO services. I know of eight of my clients that have also received them and there are probably more. Now I should say at this point, that Steve is likely a very nice bloke and for all I know, a first class optimiser, but he and his colleagues at eastmidlandsinternet.co.uk has failed to answer any emails asking him to stop sending me spam and his unsubscribe doesn’t work. So no matter what kind of optimiser he is, Mr East Midlands Internet isn’t so hot on his admin!

I am simply drawing his latest spam email to my readers’ attention, as it raised a smile in the office when it came through. Again, I mean neither Steve Chadburn or East Midlands Internet any ill will, I simply thought the email might amuse you.

Stop spamming me

The last time that Steve emailed me and failed to reply to my email to tell him I’m not interested, to ask him to stop spamming me and to tell him I run an SEO company I tried to unsubscribe, but surprise, surprise, the unsubscribe didn’t work. So I wrote in the 4 keyterm spaces on the email, stop spamming me, your unsubscribe doesn’t work, I’m not interested and I run an SEO company who actually know about SEO and don’t have to resort to spam.

If proof was needed that search engine Optimisation spammers don’t even bother to look at a site before they send out their robot fed spam out; this is what I received back……

Stop smamming me image

The accompanying email pointed out I wasn’t firing for terms such as, “stop spamming me” and “I’m not interested” and that if I wanted help to get these terms, I should contact Steve at East Midlands Internet!

………. and the unsubscribe still doesn’t bloody work!


Interesting to note, that I did rank in the top 20 for term number three and term number four - 15 minutes after publishing this article!

Google listing

Okay, the term above was easy to get to number one, but it took me only 15 minutes!
Okay, okay, I should have achieved it in 14!

I fully intend to let this article die and drop out of the engine’s index, as I have nothing against Mr Chadburn or his company, whatever I feel about unsolicited spam, but I thought it may raise a smile or two in the short term.


I found an interesting article on the East Midland Internet span at Cybertopcops Click on the link to read a well-written article about EastMidlandInternet.co.uk analysis of a parked domain name, with no website attached! (Thanks GBN)

8 Responses to “EastMidlandsInternet.co.uk Email Spam”

ken silverlock Says:

If only I had seen this before I sent them £345.00. They did do a little bit on my site. They put the tags at the bottom of the page. Replys to my email were rubbish and alarm bells started ringing. I tried for a partial refund via paypal but nothing doing but I did discover that I had paid a guy called Stephen Sullivan who owns the paypal account and not Steve Chadburn who I thought I was dealing with. I have had the address in Nottinghan that they gave me checked out and it is a rather run down private residence
And I thought that at 69 years of age I was scam proof.
Ken, I’m sorry to hear about this. If it helps, we own the website, http://www.bedbreakfastspain.com which is number one for terms such as Bed and Breakfast in Spain, Spanish bed and breakfasts, b and b Andalucia, etc, etc. If you would like a free listing, send us some details to info@bedbreakfastspain.com or directly to me at bigman@kenkai.com. Be well, BM

GBN Says:

Looks like you’ve had the same problem too!!

On the bright side it now looks like I can market myself as an SEO professional as I now rank 6th and 7th for the search “www.eastmidlandsinternet.co.uk” and probably know as much about SEO as they do.

My aim now is to beat them ;-)

Unlike you I am happy to have my listing under theirs at least until they stop spamming.

Like the site btw and if I ever need any SEO work may be in touch.

Mark Anderson Says:

First Hand SEO
We are web designers and had decided that SEO was best left to the “professionals” Steve Chadburn did an excellent job for one of our clients.

However Steve Chadburn seems to have left East Midlands Internet. We are now dealing with Steve Sullivan..(trying to… very TRYING.. I might add). Anyway we are trying to deal with the owner but to no avail after a client paying them direct for SEO services.

My thoughts now, Steve Sullivan, seems to want the money from people but not do the work or contact his clients.. I also find it unusual that they don’t publish and address or phone number that actually works..
Stephen Sullivan
251 Exchange Road
West Bridgford

To sum up my thoughts; UNPROFESSIONAL – UNETHICAL and just a plonker – stay clear folks.
Note; happy to discuss further with anyone.

David S Says:

Just to add that we got scammed by these guys too. Took £345 for SEO and did next to nothing. Now gone AWOL. Their site is still live and their tel no is 0115 7141456

Anonymous Says:

I cant believe this STILL goes on !!!!

A while ago I used to work for a company… ran by…. Mr Sullivan and Mr Chadburn and this still went on then. Nottingham is not very big and I am amazed they are still at it.

James F Says:

I am investigating a spam campaign at present, related to the domain googleroast.info (a dubious SEO software service, promoted via seosoftware2011.info).

googleroast.info is registered under the name James Sherwood but has the registrant email address of steve@ searchenginerankings.co.uk.

The domain searchenginerankings.co.uk is registered by none other than Steve Sullivan of 251 Exchange Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6DD (i.e. the address referenced in Mark Anderson’s comment, above).

The registrant address for googleroast.info is 39 Bridge Lane, Borrowash, Leicester LE21 5RT. Both this address, and the email steve@ searchenginerankings.co.uk, may be alternative ways in which aggrieved victims of Mr Sullivan can find him.

I’ll post more as I unearth it. Thankfully I’ve not given any money to this villain (I wouldn’t), but I’m determined to meet face to face with the person spamming me so relentlessly.

Slippy Says:

I paid around £350 for 12 months SEO work to East Midlands Internet last summer, and had no problems with their communications etc. My site did end up first page google but I am being spammed by other companies claiming I’m not(but I know I am and about time they didn’t their research).

Anyway back to the point I have been needing to ask them some questions about the SEO contract, and I’m getting no answers from them. I have emailed and phoned their 0115 number - no answer, just voicemail. I’m guessing I should write off the remainder of the contract and am probably going to remove their link from my site itself. You don’t state your website name, but if your website is the same as youremail moniker, I don’t see much evidence of SEO on the site, or the positions on the search engine. You are correct, ofcourse, spammers don’t actually check a site before sending spam, which is the point of the post in the first place. I’m assuming that’s not the website you are taking about? If it is, send me an email and I’ll send you two obvious things that you can do yourself, that will give you better positions. Please note, this isn’t a pitch. I’m not looking for business from you, but I’m happy to offer you free advice. :) BM

David Says:

If anyone finds out who this guy is, please let me know. I am really getting p*ss*d off with constant emails for a website that is being redirected; in other words does not exist.

The same website has been nominated for an award; I wonder if he is behind this as well. How can a non existing website win an award and need optimisation? What are you saying? The site does exist. How could you know it needs optimisation if you can’t view it? Are you sure you are commenting about the correct website, or was this just comment spam? BM :)

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