So, what is a mariburjeka?

What is a Mariburjeka?

Recently blogs all over the world have been hit with new blog spam - a little note from Jane, that says something along the lines of, “Yes, very good, but what is a Mariburjeka?” I can’t quite see the point, unless she is on the verge of starting a Slovenian and Croatian holiday company going to Maribur and Jeka and she intends calling it, or something similar.

I’ve checked and at the time of writing, mariburjeka is available in .com. .net, etc. in fact nobody owns any domain name by that name, so that option would seem unlikely.

Mariburjeka definition

As we don’t actually know what a Mariburjeka is and we have no idea what Jane has to gain by creating all these pointless blog entries, as she, (if indeed ”Jane” is female), doesn’t even try to post a link to pass link-juice with her blog entry. Unless attention-seeking is her game, or she just has too much time on her hands and this is the best she can come up with to fill her time?

So we now have a definition for a mariburjeka:

Sad, friendless, attention seeker, with nothing better to do than spam global blogs with pointless drivel.

There you have it - and as well as big Janey - here’s a message to all the other mariburjekas out there - Stop spamming my blog you sad muppets! I won’t print your keech and you won’t get any links from me.

Oh yes, have a nice day now…………

3 Responses to “So, what is a mariburjeka?”

n9 Says:

It could be, that he (assuming the one writing the spams is male;-) used mariburjeka as he was looking for a word that can be easily found by google, just because it has no other meaning, to test the ability of his spam software or spam software network…

Tim Gray Says:

Kennie, Perhaps they just want to have something featured on a great great website (, unlike their own that simply doesnt exist?!? hhahaha

The Big Man Says:

It could be using the word maribujeka, to test software, as you suggest, N9, but she is doing a hell of a lot of testing and has been for several months now. She recently stopped using Mariburjeka and started using another made-up word, which I won’t mention here, so I think it has more to do with spamming than testing.

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