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Google Teleporting Test

Google have been testing a new individual site search, within the Google search rankings, since the beginning of March and I have noticed there are more searches featuring the search box every day.

The phenomenon is has been called teleporting. Basically, if you know the name of the website that you are looking for, simply type it into the search box on Google. Tesco is a good example. Once the search page for appears in the SERPs, you’ll see the teleportation search box directly under the tesco listing.

If you then type in Australian red wine into the teleportation box, you will be teleported to search results from, (127 in this case), all related to Australian red wine.

Google have basically tweaked their site: command to allow us to view pages that they feature for specific terms. The site: command takes the usual form,, but to find all of the pages that feature the term “domain name advice”, you simply add the term in front of the site: command, ie, domain name advice This search brings up the eight pages that are held in the Google index for that term and it places them in order of importance.

Teleporting site: command

The teleporting site command is useful to see which one of your pages is viewed by Google as the most important page for any particular term. By using the teleporting site command for the term, domain name advice, I can see that /domain-name-tips.htm is the most relevant page on Kenkai for that term and if it wasn’t already the number one ranked page, I would know that it is the page to tweak, if I wanted to optimise for the term.

At present, there seems to be no way of asking Google for a teleporting search box on your listings, but if it proves to be a success with surfers; ie, if they use the teleportation search boxes, I’m sure that it won’t be long until Google make it available, either as a paid service, or as an enticement to spend advertising dollars.

Whatever happens, I believe that teleporting search boxes are a great idea and the in-site site command will certainly prove to be a useful tool when optimising a website.

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Samika Williams Says:

I Love your website. I’m gonna post a link on my Twitter Page! I wish you’d hurry up and do it, because you keep telling me - on every bloody blog I write - and you never do! This is probably, the most ill-conceived piece of spam I’ve had from a spamtwat in a long time! BM

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