No Car tax for Green cars!

Green Cars to pay no Road Tax!

Isn’t it fantastic news that the UK government has decided to cut road tax on “Green cars” in the March 2008 budget? I have┬ádriven green cars since the age of 25 and have often taken a soap box position on the subject, making me a real, “Must have” party guest.

And now, I’m told, Mr Darling has proved that my forward thinking has finally paid off by announcing that Green cars will avoid his new showroom tax as well as pay no road tax.

Yep, who would have thought that running a 4 litre jaguar and a 3.6 litre Range Rover would give me such a tax advantage, just because they a British Racing Green?

Don’t you just love the Chancellor?

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Tim Gray Says:

Hehe Kennie, That got me all the way through, right the way to the end! Great entry! :)

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