MSN Music Box v Napster

Napster or MSN Jukebox?

Napster v MSN Music Box - which is better? The MSN Music Box online Jukebox has improved in leaps and bounds and it only costs £5.99 per month, compared to £9.95 per month for Napster. Both give unlimited access to listen to their whole catalogues, as often as you want and both; to my ears anyway, give the same quality of sound. So why is it worth paying more for Napster than MSN Music Box?

Size matters

To me it’s a cut and dried case that Napster has over 5 million tracks available and MSN Music Box has just over 2 million. To see what that means in real terms, I took four artists and checked the back catalogue available on both Napster and on MSN Music Box:

Tom Waits

The MSN Music Box offers 11 albums on their online jukebox and the Napster online jukebox offers 29 albums, although to be fair to MSN Music Box, several are different versions of the same album, with bonus tracks, re-releases, etc. so in reality there are 22 albums).

David Bowie

MSN Music Box has 52 different Bowie albums available, (as well as numerous doubles), Napster has 60, (again with numerous different versions of the same album as well).

Lou Reed 

Napster features 45 different Lou Reed albums, (plus another 19 duplicates) and MSN Music box only 20 different alums - missing Reed’s best ever album; Transformer. Shame on you MSN!

Dr Feelgood (I thought I’d try something more obscure from my collection)

Napster had 22 albums and MSN Music Box had only six albums available

As well as offering more choice, Napster offers videos of some of the more current stars, like Gorillaz and Amy Winehouse.

One nice touch that MSN Music Box has introduced is that if you search for an artist that they don’t have, (I searched for Mickey Jupp and his album Juppanese), they ask you for information so that they can attempt to source it for you. Whether they do, or whether it’s MSN Music Box’s clever way of collecting email addresses, remains to be seen.  I’ll update this if I hear from them.

Napster better than MSN Music Box

I’ll be sticking by the Napster online jukebox in the meantime, as being an old fart, I can find lots of good stuff from the 70’s and 80’s that MSN Music Box simply doesn’t offer at the moment. I’ll keep my eye on it though, as being a Scot, and coming from a small Kibbutz in the east end of Glasgow, saving nearly four quid a month is nothing to be sniffed at!

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Shite piano Says:

Shite piano…

The pianos at are cheap and crap. The service is dreadful - they are basically a bunch of cheap spamming bastards - don’t trust them and don’t even think of buying a piano from this bunch of cowboys!

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