Beijing Villa - food to die for!

The Beijing Villa - Bainsford in Falkirk

The Beijing Villa looks like an older 5 bedroomed villa, in  a street of private homes, but the facade hides a tasteful, roomy Chinese restaurant, and the best service that we have had in any Chinese restaurant, since moving to the area - and believe me, we’ve tried dozens!

I’m writing this to further experiment with my Google 2 minute ranking theory, but also becuase I honestly believe that the Beijing Villa is the best Chinese, Thai, Peking restaurant and carry out in the whole of the Falkirk, Stirling and the surrounding area. To be fair, I haven’t eaten in all of the Chinese restaurants in the area, but probably in the region of twenty to twenty five, so my claim that the Beijing Villa is the best, is the result of a lot of hard tasting!

We have eaten at the Villa six times now and when we lived in Falkirk, it was also our carry out of choice when we lived there, despite having to pass four Chinese restaurants to travel to the place!

Thai and Peking Restaurant

The restaurant specialises in Thai and Peking cuisine and they have an excellent menu, with something for every taste. Price-wise, we find a meal, with starters, and a main meal, with two to three drinks along the way, will average out to around £20 a head, which is a fair price for the quality of both the food and the service.

The only criticism that I have is that if you like plenty rice with your meal, you are best to order two portions, as although the meal portions are fairly large, I have never had quite enough rice to finish my meal - but that’s just me! You usually have to book a few days in advance, unless you are visiting the restaurant early in the evening; I’ve never managed to walk in and be seated straight away, without booking.

The address is Beijing Villa, 14 Merchiston Road, Falkirk FK2 7JP and the telephone numbers are 01324 632007 and 01324 626384.

You may even be able to do a bit of celebrity spotting when you are there - we had a Premier League Footballer sitting at the next table on Sunday night!

3 Responses to “Beijing Villa - food to die for!”

George Mason Says:

I was looking for a chinese restaurant in Falkirk and found your review above, so we visited the Beijing Villa last night. I have been to many chinese restaurants in Falkirk and Stirling and I have to agree with you that the Beijing Villa is second to none. Thanks for the restaurant review. Any more?

The Big Man Says:

Glad that you enjoyed the restaurant, George. I have bundles of restaurants in Stirling, Falkirk and the surrounding area that I could recommend, and I’ll cover a few of them over the coming months. I wrote a small article about The Gargunnock Inn, in Gargunnock, a few miles outside Stirling, last month. It’s not a Chinese restaurant, more a tradtional Scottish restaurant - but a fine eating place nonetheless!

Tony and Jane Says:

I found this article on Google, when searching for Chinese restaurant in Falkirk, as we are staying in Falkirk for the weekend. Perhaps you should optimise for best chinese restaurant in Scotland, as it’s really that good!

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