PageRank update February 2008

How does the PageRank Update affect your web pages?

PageRank started updating at the end of February / beginning of March, and seems that toolbar PR has just about settled down today. The Google PageRank update seems to have affected internal pages without external links pointing at them quite badly and resources and links pages seem to have taken the brunt of the bashing.

Resources and Links pages have been a target for Google over the past few PageRank updates. We have seen resources Pages go from PR5 to Pr4, to PR3 and this time, in many cases to PR0, as Google continue to make reciprocal linking more difficult.

A quick check of the PageRank of resources pages on twenty sites that are linking to this site, sees all but four of them dropping PageRank in the Google Feb - Mar PR update and no less than 12 of them are now PR0.

I also checked how the PageRank update has affected various other sites, both inside and outside the SEO industry and the results seem to be fairly standard throughout, with over 50% of resources and links pages losing PR altogether in the February / March PR update.

How has your site been affected?

Does Toolbar PageRank really matter?

It matters in as much that it is now more difficult to gauge the value of a link, as Google Toolbar PageRank is the only quick way that we can gauge the value of a link and it now places more onus on index page PageRank, search engine positions and the quality of links pointing at the site that wishes to exchange links with you. As far as it mattering as far as ranking in the SERPs is concerned, I haven’t noticed any major position losses from pages that have lost PageRank, in the handful of sites that I have checked, but that has really been the case in the last three PageRank updates.

Don’t Panic 

My advice is not to panic and start dropping long-standing links that have dropped in Google Toolbar PR, as A, it’s only an indicator that is fairly accurate for one day every three to four months and B, the longevity of a link has always been more important than whether it it PR3 or PR2.

For new links, look at the PR of the index page and how many links are on the page that you are being offered a link from. A PR0 page with 150 links on it, isn’t worth considering, but a PageRank 0 page with ten links on it may be, as long as the link ticks the other link factor boxes.

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