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Barry from Ipswich, (Barry doesn’t wish his website to be identified), asks “I have started using long directory names, as I read on an SEO forum that it was a good technique to get search engines to rank you for your key terms. I haven’t had any joy. Not only am I having no luck in ranking for the terms, I can’t seem to even get the pages cached! Is it a good or bad idea to have long domain names and long directory names

Barry, you don’t mention which forum, or which post you read, but I would imagine it was written a few years back, when that technique had a chance of working. I should really qualify that statement, as there are millions of pages out there with longish directory and sub directory names that are doing well on the search engines.

If you have a shortish domain name and your directories and sub directories have two or three word names,  you have more chance of being cached and ranking quickly than a site with a long domain name in the first place, like:  www.longer-domain-names-tld-long-domain-name-ranking-issues.com with directories with five or six keyword terms in the name, leading to URLs with 150 plus characters in them, packed full of of the same or similar keywords.

In your case Barry, I think we both know what category your site fall into - your domain name is 45 characters in length before you start to add directories and sub-directories to the end of the domain name. I would suggest that as the pages are not cached, alter the directory names now.

New site domain name and directory length

You also mentioned in your email that you were about to build a new site. Can I suggest that you stick to a shorter TLD name this time and don’t use directories at all. Simply create a level structure for your website. On the Kenkai site, all of our main pages sit directly after the root URL, with the exception of our Resources and Portfolio pages, which were built into directories many years ago and because it’s not important that they rank well in the SERPS, we have never bothered to take them out of the directories. All of our new sites, including eCommerce websites, are built with a level structure rather than a directory based structure.

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