Blog Spammers - why do they bother?

Blog Spammers

If you run a blog, you’ll no doubt look forward to check your comments each day, to see how many readers have taken the trouble of leaving a few words on your site. How disappointing is it, when you have 40 new comments, only to find that 33 of them are from blog spammers,, or

Users of, and constantly send comment spam to my blog and no doubt, to hundreds of other blogs throughout the Internet. What do they think they are going to gain by sending this useless spam? When blog users receive 15 emails from spammers, do these geniuses think that blog owners are going to be so flattered by the number of comments they have made, that they will allow their spurius spam comments to feature on the blog articles? Yep, they obviously do.

Wordpress Spam Reporting

Blog owners that use Wordpress have the opportunity to report spam comments, but I’m not sure how effective it is. I’ve been marking up the comment spammers, as well as the and spam merchants for two months now, at least 15 times a day and they still come through, unhampered.

Yandex users , cepk and are by no means the only blog spammers that regularly try to post comments on my site, there are bundles of them, but they are the regular culprits.

I’d be interested to hear from other blog owners that have the same issue with blog spammers and find out if there is some other way of tacking it. In the meantime, if any of the heed-the-baws that use email addresses to send spam, or, stop wasting your time - I’m not going to feature any of your spammy comments - EVER!

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