Cuban Havana cigar site launches

Cuban Cigars

We wish Kevin good luck and every success with his new Cuban Cigar store, The site was published at the weekend with the initial range of Bolivar Cigars that he is offering, although over the next few weeks he will be adding a massive range of Cuban cigars, non-Cuban and international cigars, as well as a wide range of quality cigar products and accessories.

Cigar Guide 

The site features an impressive cigar guide, which teaches you everything you need to know about Cigars, from the history of Cigars, through choosing your cigar and even the etiquette of smoking a cigar.

The site is yet to be cached by the search engines, but once it is fully cached and Kevin gets all his cigars, products and accessories uploaded to the kCommerce shopping cart, I’m sure that his online cigar store,, will be a major hit with cigar connoisseurs in the UK and Europe.

Once enjoyed, there’s no going back! 

Despite not being a cigarette smoker, I enjoy a cigar now and again and I was lucky enough to sample a few fine quality Cubans over Christmas and New Year and enjoyed every one of them, as did my friends and family that shared the Cuban experience with me.  I have to say I would not return to UK or European cigars, after sampling a few fine Havanas!

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Allen Baker Says:

All the best Kevin for your new venture. Its great to have the information about the history of Cigar, the etiquette of smoking a cigar and to choose a Cigar. Hopefully people will get some good brands of Cuban Cigars.

Kevin’s cigar site is currently up for sale. His Roosalon sites have taken off so much that he’s moving out of the cigar market. If you are interested in the site, drop him an email. BM

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