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John Hamilton, from the land of Yahoo asks: On the bottom of many of the site pages I’ve seen recently, particularly web design sites, I’ve noticed logos that represent W3C compliancy, CSS compliancy, RSS compliancy, etc. This despite the fact that many of these websites not RSS, CSS or W3C compliant at all. I was bored last night and after reading your article have run your site through these checks, and found that you are fully compliant, yet you do not display these compliancy logos. From your previous article on W3C Compliancy,  I know that you are aware of compliancy issues, and your site being web compliant hasn’t just happened by accident. So why do you not display the compliancy logos on your site, or  on your client’s sites?

W3c Logos 

We try, on all occasions, whether the project we are undertaking involves search engine optimisation or not, to keep the source code as tight as possible to ensure we maximise the content v code ratio, keeping the code to the minimum number of lines of source code. By adding the standard compliancy logos, which are linked back to the w3c website, we would be adding extra unnecessary lines of code to the page, as well as three external links.

Standard Practice 

Every web designer and optimiser should ensure web standard compliancy as standard practice, so sticking logos on our web pages to boast that we have done what we should have done in the first place, seems somewhat excessive to us.

The thing that amuses us is that there are bundles of websites that display web standards compliancy logos, yet when we check - they are not compliant at all. We’ll mention no names, but one of our main competitors in Scotland falls into that category - where they display the logo and their index page is not w3c compliant!

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