Wikia Search Launch

Search Wikia or is it Wikia Search?

Search Wikia LogoThe new search engine, Search Wikia, is live today, on the 7th January 2008. The Logo, as you see on the right, would suggest the name of the Wikia search engine is Wikia Search, although the title tag and alt image would suggest that it is to be called Search Wikia. Perhaps they haven’t fully made their mind up yet, but as the logo says Wikia Search, that’s the name I’ll use in the meantime.

Following a year of beta testing and private alpha testing, Wikia Seearch has been promoted as a “Public Alpha Release” and as users test drive the new engine, I would expect fairly major changes taking place over the first six months of the test project.

Wikia search can be found at

I have only had 15 minutes to spend playing with Wikia Search, so this isn’t an in depth article on how Wikia Search works, or the various features that it offers. I’ll look into in more depth and report on it over the next couple of days.

First Impressions

My first impression was that I had arrived on a social networking site, with a fairly sparse search engine attached. The much vaunted user-run page ranking system, where you can rank pages from one to five doesn’t work yet, which is somewhat disappointing, but then again Wikia search is only a few hours old and there are bound to be teething problems.

I’ll have a play on Wikia Search later today and report my findings at that time. I’d also be interested in what you think of the latest addition to the Search Engine marketplace?

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