Google indexing New Pages in Two Minutes!

Two Minute Indexing in Google

The results of the first Isn’t Google Wonderful experiment sems to suggest that Google is, in fact, caching and ranking new pages within a matter of seconds. I know that the page that I optimised for The Gargunnock Inn yesterday, certainly was ranking on the front page of Google within 2 minutes.

Google SERPs - The Gargunnock Inn

As you will see in the graphic above, the Gargunnock Inn article was found by Google and ranked at number ten for the search term, “The Gargunnock Inn” on the front page within 2 minutes. It even moved to number 6 overnight, where it is sitting at the time of writing. The term is, incidentally, number 6 on, web and UK searches and on the .com engine anthough as I won’t be adding any links to it, I would expect it to drop gradually over the next two or three months.

Other Terms

The page also fired for other terms, on the first three pages, in the same time-span, like Gargunnock Inn, place to eat in Stirling, Stirling restaurant Sunday Lunch, etc. The article was only a test with The Gargunnock Inn as the main search term, as although Google claims 1790 competing pages, there are only some 130 pages with the terms Gargunnock and Inn featuring on the site, so it was easy to optimise for and I could find it easily if it was ranked at all, as I only had 13 pages to look through. The other reason that I chose the Gargunnock Inn, is it is genuinely one of my ten favourite eating places in the UK!

There were no external links pointing at the page, it was simply properly optimised.

Are Google finding, indexing and ranking new pages in Two Minutes then?

As this is only the first test, it is not conclusive evidence that Google are finding new pages in under two minutes. It only proves that Google found, ranked and indexed the test Gargunnock Inn article in two minutes. It may be that it was a fluke, as the Google Spiders may have just happened to be on the site at the time, or even that I am simply a genius optimiser!

It has been the case, however, with the last three or four articles that we have published on the Big Man’s SEO Blog, so I think that this is evidence that would suggest that Google are at least finding some pages in two minutes. We’ll continue to test and report it here in the blog, but it looks like real time indexing to me!

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