Are Google finding well optimised pages instantly?

Isn’t Google Wonderful – Guardian Article by Jack Schofiled

After reading an article by “Grumpy Old Man”, Jack Schofield in the Guardian, entitled, Isn’t Google Wonderful, where he discovered that when he typed in the search term, REDFLY Mobile Companion, into Google, he discovered an article that was ranked on the front page, 51 minutes after being published to the web.

He then goes on to basically call Google liars and fraudsters and as we love Google in “oor hoose”, we tested the theory yesterday with the articles, Google Launches the knol project and Wikia Search on the verge of launching.

Front Page Ranking in 2 Minutes

Within 2 minutes of publishing the knol project article, the article was sitting on page one, at number 6, on the UK searches of Google for the knol project, knol project launch, Google’s knol project, Google’s knol launch, Google knol launch and on page 2 for a couple of dozen other terms. This was done without any external links and just a few internal links from elsewhere on the Kenkai website.

As there are no external links to the knol project article and the other knol articles that it’s competing against do have external links, I would expect it to drop a few pages in the very near future!

Timing Differences on Google 

In the Isn’t Google Wonderful article, the Guardian’s Jack Schofield said that each time he checked it was showing a different time since being cached, each time he checked it. This being the case, we checked the results from different computers in different parts of the country, at different times of the day, and the results were fairly standard throughout and the times were all within a minute of each other.

Mr Schofield must have been unlucky enough to get different Google indexes each time he checked the search term – which, to be fair, is more than likely the case.

The results for the second article, “Wikia Search on the verge of Launching”, it took us 55 minutes from the point of publishing the article to find a front page search term, Wikia search experiment, and numerous page three positions for terms such as “Wikipedia search engine launch”, but we didn’t take as much care on the second article, as far as SEO is concerned, and the terms were more competitive.

Isn’t Google Wonderful - The Test 

What we failed to do is screen capture the search results to show the times that Google found the articles from the point of publishing them to the net, as Jack Schofield did in the Guardian article, so we will be experimenting further with small articles over the next few days, not necessarily SEO related, to see if this was a fluke, or if Google really is picking up and ranking well optimised pages within a few minutes of them being published.

We have certainly noticed that we have been achieving longer-tail search term rankings for the majority of our clients in days and weeks, rather than months, in the past eight weeks, so it may be that Google really are ranking sites’ search terms almost immediately and that the sandbox effect and the importance of external links have been reduced in importance in the Google Algorithm.  We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Are Google finding well optimised pages instantly?”

Tony Says:

Loving the new look site and the blog. After reading this article I had a look to see if the terms in this article had been picked up yet and I noted that the terms REDFLY mobile companion and Isn’t Google Wonderful are both on the front page of the UK searches of Google and the cached time was showing as 4 hours ago. Both terms could have been ranked before that, as I’ve just checked them, but that’s still good going in anyone’s books!

The Big Man Says:

Hello Tone, glad you like the new look. I hadn’t had the time to check this one myself, as Saturday afternoon is dedicated to Falkirk Football club and it was a good day, as we hammered Aberdeen 0-0! I don’t suppose REDFLY mobile companion or isn’t Google Wonderful are terms that will bring us much traffic, and the pages will likely lose there indexing in a couple of days and then be picked up again at a later date - but hey - it all counts eh? Have a great New Year, Tone, and good luck with the new restaurant!

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