Is there still a Google Dance?

Steve from Careers Network writes:

What has happened to the days of the Google dance, does this still happen?

Google Dance

The Google Dance, as such, is a thing of the past. The Google dance was an update in the Google Rankings, which occurred around ten times per year, but there hasn’t been a proper Google Dance since the end of 2003.

Nowadays, Google tend not to mess their rankings for up to ten days, in order to update back links, Toolbar Page Rank, tweaks in their algorithm, Google Directory PageRank all at one time, which strictly speaking, was the Google Dance.

Since the end of 2003, Google have updated Toolbar PageRank and Back links, Algorithm changes, and Google Directory PR updates on a gradual basis and rarely more than two of them at the same time. If they are updated it the same time, the combination is usually TBPR and BL updates.

There hasn’t been a Google Tool Bar PageRank update or a Back Link update since the 30th April, 2007, so I would estimate that there is one due in the next couple of weeks. There hasn’t been a major Algorithm update since the 25th January, 2007 and there is no way to predict when another will appear. (The previous major algo change was Big Daddy in January, 2006. As for the Google Directory Page Rank Update, there hasn’t been once since December 2005, so it may be that we’ll never see another one!

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Boris Says:

This is interesting, I have read the expression “Google Dance” on many search engine optimisation forums, but nobody has really explained what it means. As a newbie to SEO, I have never experianced a Google Dance, and it seems that it’s not something I need to worry about now.

Is there anywhere on the web that you know of that can tell me when Google Toolbar Pagerank is likley to be updated next?

The Big Man Says:

Thanks for taking the time to write Boris.

We used to use this link, but it doesn’t seem to have been updated for some time, although it still has lots of interesting information about pageRank updates.

The last major pageRank update was on the 27th of October 2007, I believe. Although there have been major updates in January for the past 4 years, there have been no indications that this will be the case this year - although I wouldn’t put it past them!

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